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Quan hệ đối tác TikTok

Partner with Ada Leow to expose your brand on TikTok in various ways –

1. Send in your products for Ada to sell on her TikTok Shop

Send in a sample of your products for Ada to sell live, as well as do short videos on TikTok to sell. 

These products will be uploaded and listed on Ada’s TikTok Shop.

Commission at least 20%.

Orders need to be packed and sent to Ada within 24 hours. 

2. Offer discount codes for Ada's livestream audience

If you are unable to send in your products, you can still have your brand get some visibility by offering discount codes to Ada’s livestream audience.

You should have your own website to purchase from, and apply personalised discount code.

How will discount codes be given out:

Every $20 purchase on livestream will get a chance to take part in a lucky draw of discount code from the customer’s preferred brand. 

Any participant who can find and share a brand’s website URL will also be eligible for a discount code draw, after an increase in 50 likes on the live. 


To encourage more people to select your brand for discount codes draw, please offer attractive discounts.

If you're interested in this partnership...

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