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Chụp ảnh sản phẩm tự làm cho thương mại điện tử – OrangeMonkie Photo Studio

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It’s not easy to find good product photography providers at an affordable price.

So, I’m super glad that I found OrangeMonkie at the eCommerce Expo 2022. I knew I had to buy the Foldio and Smart Turntable to quench my curiosity, and I’m glad I did!

Here’s a review, hope it helps you make a more informed decision should you be interested.

1. Purchasing Process

OrangeMonkie is located in Korea and they sell via their website:

I was surprised that delivery was so fast! I checked out the item on 15 Nov, and it arrived on 17 Nov via DHL Express. Very impressive.

2. My Purchases

I bought a Foldio2 Plus with an add on tripod and a Foldio360 Smart Turntable.

They arrived in very sturdy packaging to ensure no damage is done to the products.

3. Unpacking and Setting up Foldio2 Plus

Front view of the Foldio2 Plus packaging:

Back view with instructions:

What’s inside the box:

Detailed manual to ensure you know how to work the foldio:

Different kinds of charger plugins for different countries:

2 pieces of very high quality backdrop – one black and one white. Texture is really good, not the usually paper material:

Setup is super easy. All you need to do is to connect the magnetic points to each other as you fold up the foldio:

The lights have been pre-installed for us. Also, you can find 2 additional magnetic strips at top far side. These can be used to put the backdrops in place.

The brightness of the lightings may be adjusted as according to your preference:

4. Unpacking and Setting up Foldio360 Smart TurnTable

Smart Turntable Packaging Front view:

Smart Turntable Packaging Backview:

Smart Turntable comes with detailed manual:

Removable protective plastic on top:

5. The App: Foldio360 Product Photography

You can download the app from both Android or iPhone mobile phones.

The app is simple to use. Simply connect to your smart turntable as per instructions on screen.

If you’re just using the app as it is, you will capture the background and the studio frame into your image, as below:

However, there’s an option to upgrade to Pro with only SGD3.99 to remove background automatically.

6. Outcome

After you’re done, you can export your data into a zip file.

Inside the zip file you get:

a) At least 24 shots of different angles all in jpeg files:

b) A film (a vertical strip of all 24 images in jpeg file):

c. A single shot jpeg file (first shot front view):
d. A gif file:

e. An MP4 file:

e. Interactive and embeddable 360 degree code

This code is not found in the data zip file. You need to select “360 image URL” to get to a site link to find am embeddable code.

For this project, the URL is this:

From the URL, you can click on the Share button to find an embed code. The embed version can be found below:

I just realised that this embed code doesn’t work anywhere. Please feel free to use my link and code to test on your site to ensure it works.

7. Conclusion

You may realise by now that the quality of the photo is not very good in my example.

It doesn’t quite make the cut for a decent image for eCommerce sales. 

During the eCommerce Expo, the person doing the demo was using an iPhone. He did mention that the quality of our device can affect the outcome.

I’m using a Redmi Note 11 here with high picture quality.

It could be my lighting, over exposure that’s causing the image to look grainy.

I’ll need to play around with different lightings and objects to see if there can be improvements here. Will share if I figure something out here.

Also, having an embed code in a public URL can mean anyone may embed your image in their website too. So that’s another downside if you are particularly about image thefts – which unfortunately happens too often in the eCommerce industry.

Overall, i rate this product a 6/10 for now.

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