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Hướng dẫn đầy đủ để thiết lập cửa hàng TikTok cho công ty của bạn

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If you need to set up a TikTok Shop account and do live selling for your company, it will be helpful to read this before you proceed.

This is a step by step guide to set up TikTok Shop.

1. What to Prepare Logistically

You need a company mobile phone for sure, with a company SIM card.

TikTok Shop will need to bind with a TikTok account from a phone. This TikTok account will be the main account you use for your live-selling. While you can also create “Marketing Users” at your seller center, these marketing users cannot be used for live selling. Live selling can only be conducted via the main account phone. This main account phone will be your company’s TikTok phone.

Note that TikTok Shop Seller Center and TikTok account (on mobile phone) are 2 different logins. You create these 2 accounts separately. However, to prevent confusion the best way is to get your company SIM card first before starting any accounts. Then, use the same mobile phone number to set up these 2 accounts.

Setting up TikTok Shop also requires an email address, so find an appropriate email address for logins and orders notification. Note that orders notifications only come through via email.

Lastly, you need to prepare the following documents –

  • NRIC of shop owner (preferably same as whoever listed in ACRA as they need to verify)
  • ACRA

2. Set up TikTok Shop Account

You may set up your TikTok Shop here:

Check out this YouTube Demo to know the steps before hand:

After that, go ahead to submit your ACRA document to complete account verification.

3. Add Products

You can log in to your seller center here:

If you have been selling on Shopee or Lazada before, the interface should look quite familiar to you.

Go ahead to upload your products onto TikTok Shop.

Check out this video to understand how the interface looks like for products uploading:

4. Update Account Information

Click on “My Account” to make sure the fields are updated.

To set up payments transfer to your company bank account, simply go to “My Account” > “Seller Profile” > “Payments” and go through the steps. Unlike many other platforms, you don’t need a bank statement here. You just need to key in your bank account number.

5. Link Seller Center to TikTok Account

Go to “My Account” > “Linked TikTok Account” to bind your seller center account to your TikTok account. Remember to link this to your company phone’s TikTok account. Only the linked account can be used for live selling.

The instructions given at TikTok backend MAY BE outdated. You basically need to scan a QR code on your seller center from your phone’s TikTok to link account. If you can’t find it using their given instructions, try to look for a QR code scanner within your TikTok profile. You can try this: Under Profile, tap on the hamburger menu on top right hand corner. Then, click on QR Code. And then, click on the icon on top right hand corner to get to the scanner.

6. Preparations for Live Selling

At your seller center, you need to click on “Live Manager” at top panel. Then, proceed to Add Products. Without this step, your products you uploaded on your seller center won’t show up on your live.

You can simply bulk click on all products per page to add to Live. Note that you need to click on “Next Page” to add the next 20 products and so on.

Some functions will only be available once your are live, so go ahead and do a test run to check out all the functions available when live.

Once you are ready, you can go ahead and login to TikTok on your company’s mobile phone, then click the + sign at the bottom and select “Live” to begin your live selling.

You will be prompted to type in your live title and descriptions.

Once your live has started, you should be able to see “Pin” beside your Live products at your seller center Live Manager. When you pin products, these products will appear on your live screen. The rest of the products may be seen when your audience click on a yellow basket at the bottom left hand corner.


Hope this has been helpful!

The fact that you found yourself to this page means that you and your company is ready to start your TikTok Shop journey.

You can have my word that this will indeed be a really rewarding journey for you.

Please feel free to contact me via Whatsapp if you have any questions along the way, am happy to help. Otherwise, you can also join the following support Whatsapp groups (set up by very helpful TikTok Shop personnels who are more than happy to support you in your journey).

Fast Moving Consumer Goods, FMCG (such as food, snacks, beauty products)

Lifestyle (such as home & living products, home appliances, gaming related)



Happy selling on TikTok Shop! 🙂

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