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Genexus để phát triển phần mềm và ứng dụng

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Do you need to create customized solutions or workflows for your business?

Example: Real time update of your inventory to purchaser / manufacturing department; or highly customized membership program (in which you have full ownership of your members’ data); or sending of all invoices from both online and offline purchases to your finance department?

There are so many ways we can make workflow much more seamless within a business, and the limit only lies our imagination.

Now that you have the picture – how can you digitalize your business?

You may check out Genexus.

What is Genexus:

GeneXus is the Enterprise Low-Code Software Development Platform that provides the eternal youth of your code by leveraging the power of AI to automate and simplify the creation, evolution and maintenance of software solutions, in any given environment. (Quoted from

Why Genexus:

1. Genexus is low code

Genexus does not require the “developer” to fully understand the coding language. This means that you can train your staff to pick up Genexus and then, develop and maintain the entire digital workspace for you. However, please make sure to select staff who are reasonably IT savvy, can learn fast, and most importantly is highly logical and systematic.

2. Genexus guarantees evergreen code

This is a very important selling point of Genexus. It means that it makes sure the code you use is always updated automatically. It saves plenty of time trying to figure out which part of the code is no longer relevant or is outdated that can possibly cause your entire system to crash. This is a life savior. So, your staff can focus more on making more things work digitally rather than repairing past work.

3. Genexus can be used by anyone for anyone

If you have had a programmer code an entire program for you from scratch, you would totally understand the struggle. Even if you hire another programmer who understands the same language to fix certain parts of the code, this new programmer may struggle too. This is because the structure created by the first programmer may be too messy to understand. The second programmer needs to reads lines and lines of codes to figure out the logic and then try to fix where went wrong. This is a total waste of time. Genexus offers a pretty neat interface and can be picked up by anyone, should the creator of the workflow move on.

4. Genexus can be used to create almost anything

It takes about 2 mins to create a simple invoicing structure – that’s the beauty of Genexus. And more than an invoicing system, it can be used to create anything within your imagination – a website, a plugin, internal workflow communications, approval processes, etc. Anything under the sun. So, if you intend to somehow create a fully integrated HR system, marketing communications platform, website and Finance processing system all using Genexus – yes that can be done.

Genexus can potentially be a great tool for digital transformation work.

If you need to speak to the Singapore based official distributors, please feel free to contact them:

Mr. Lee Chuan Boon

Mobile : 92473138

Mr. Gan Chee Kiong

Mobile : 92380764

Finally, this is a YouTube video of our conversation on Genexus. It gives you a peek into the backend platform. Do not be too intimidated by jargons, if you are interested to find out more you can arrange a meeting with Mr Lee and Mr Gan.

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Genexus để phát triển phần mềm và ứng dụng

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