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Tất Cả Những Điều Bạn Cần Biết Trước Khi Bán Hàng Trên Lazada Singapore 2022

sell on lazada singapore 2022

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Thinking of Selling on Lazada?

Are you intending to sell on Lazada? Perhaps someone has managed to convince you to bring in some products and make it big on marketplaces like Lazada and Shopee. Here’s all you need to know before you get started – no fluffs. All truths. No holds barred.

1. Cost of selling on Lazada

Selling on Lazada marketplace used to be totally commission-free. 

As of 18th July 2022, this has changed.

The new costing:

2% commission for Lazada marketplace; 5% commission for Lazmall sellers

2% payment fees

Shipping fees as per images below.

2. Pre-sale Work to Sell on Lazada

Pre-sale work to sell on Lazada includes:

Start a Seller Account

Set up Seller Wallet for Singapore Lazada Sellers

Decide on Logistics Arrangement in Lazada Store setup

Chat Settings for Lazada Store Setup

Upload Products

Create Product Decoration Banner

Set up Store Logo and Store Name

Design your Storefront

Explore Promotion Tools

Find details in this article: Hướng Dẫn Toàn Diện Nhất Về Thiết Lập Cửa Hàng Lazada 2022

3. Post-sale Work when Selling on Lazada

You need to pack and send out your parcels real quick. Try your best to attend to orders on the same day because this is what consumers on Lazada are very used to already. Moreover, if you do not attend to your parcel within Lazada’s stipulated timeline (there is a countdown timer set for each order), that order will be automatically cancelled and you get penalty points for that cancellation.

After you have attended to your orders, it will be nice to initiate a chat with each customer to let them know that their parcel is on the way.

When parcels have been delivered, it will be nice to engage the customer to get reviews for your products.

After a customer has sent in a review, you can send this customer a voucher to thank him and encourage a future order.

At the Review page at your backend, you can enable “Show on Feed” if the review is good, to feed these good reviews to your followers.

4. Traffic Building Work

Traffic building on Lazada takes time.

Joining campaigns definitely help. 

You are encouraged to also send in traffic from your own channel of followers to purchase from your Lazada store. With more purchases, Lazada will reward you with better visibility. However, if you wish to grow your Lazada crowd only from Lazada organically without any redirections from your own customer base, be prepared to wait it out.

Creating Followers voucher can help you build up your followers and that is also a channel of engagement via Feed. 

You may explore Sponsored solutions to improve your visibility.

By the end of the day, you need the business stamina to wait it out. Things don’t just happen, it’s really all about serving one customer at a time and building your base through the years with consistent effort. 

Keeping working on your brand building, customer service and keep bringing in new products. You will be rewarded if you can afford to wait it out.

5. It will pay off

The eCommerce industry has not reached its peak yet, especially for Singapore.

There are still so many new converts that marketplaces are chasing.

For Lazada, their winning horse continues to be Redmart. Redmart will bring in more groceries shoppers to log onto Lazada app. This means there will be a regular flow of shoppers on the app.

Perhaps, you are selling something that’s not very popular as yet or not yet embraced by the general shoppers currently. 

Be there still, it will pay off.

Opportunity comes to those who are prepared. So, just stick around. 🙂

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