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7 mẹo dễ dàng để thiết kế Lazada Lorikeet như một chuyên gia ngay cả khi bạn chỉ có 1 hình ảnh sản phẩm

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Most of the sellers I work with are not international brands and they do not have resources to hire photographers for nice photoshoots of their products. They mostly have to take product photos on their own and try to edit them. They definitely do not have the resources to create branded images for their products too. This also mean they won’t have images on hand that they can use to design Lazada Lorikeet (Decorated Product Description).

And we all know by now that in order for you to achieve Excellent content score for your product listing, you will need to have at least 3 images and 30 words when you design Lazada Lorikeet. If this is you, read on. I got you. Time to sell on Lazada like a pro now.

1. Use 1 header banner as 1 image

I like to use header banners when I design Lazada Lorikeet because they provide a great structure for your Lorikeet. They also provide a very consistent look for all your products, and consistency is key for brand building. Lastly, they can be recycled across all product listings in your store.

Create one time, upload every time. Saves plenty of time when you design Lazada Lorikeet. Use 1 header banner as 1 image, use 3 to complete the minimal of 3 images per Lorikeet.

2. Use stock pictures of your target audience in 1 image

You are selling to people, and you should show image(s) of your target audience to better attract the attention of your target audience.

So, if you are selling toys and your target audience is children as users and parents as buyers; but you do not have actual images of children models playing your toys, do not fret. You can simply use images of happy children.

Choose a nicely taken photo as your background. Make sure there’s enough space at the side to place your product image. And then include a key attribute of your product that fits in with the background photo.

3. Create a Features Explanation Image

design lazada lorikeet

Every good description design must have a Features Image. It’s is an image of your product with features points. Use ticks and thumbs up images to reinforce positive emotions. Stars are good too. If your product has any kind of approval logo, be sure to put that in too!

4. Use zoom in to show certain important parts

In order to use this hack, your original product image needs to be of high resolution so that the zoomed in version won’t look blur.

This is suitable for a product with many different parts to look at, example a bag.

You can do this very easily using Canva. Simply use a circle frame and then drag your image into the circle frame. It is helpful to describe what you want to show exactly for that zoomed in image.

5. Finish off with a brand promise section

A brand promise or store promise image is a must have when you design Lazada Lorikeet. It can help put the heart of your customers at ease when they purchase from you. It reinforces your determination to be a good seller, and gives them more reason to buy from you especially if you have many other competitors selling the same product.

A brand promise image can provide justification for your buyers to buy from you when your competitors want to play the price game with you. If the price difference is not too big, customers would rather buy from a store that looks more credible. Of course, you can’t quote “Best Price” if you have competitors that always try to price you out. Perhaps, you can use “Change of mind Returns allowed” or “Genuine Product”.

6. Stick to a single column format

You should always try to achieve a clean look for your Lorikeet design. Stick to a single column format. Do not add anymore elements onto the module if you have already added image or text. Any extra elements should go below the current one.

Most customers browse on mobile and one column format is the best view on mobile. If you have too many elements, the content of these elements end up hardly visible on the mobile view.

Do not try to design anything on Lorikeet. Design an image file from Photoshop or Canva first, and then upload it onto Lorikeet.

This is especially so if you want to use Lorikeet to add texts onto images. The text font look and feel as well as spacing can turn out very different on mobile view. It’s safer to design using Photoshop or Canva first, then upload an entire image for a more fitting look.

7. Check your mobile view

Always make sure to check your mobile view after you have published your design.

This is because you are working on the design on a desktop, and the wordings on your images may look big. However, when you view it from mobile some of them may look too small.

This is especially so for the text element in Lorikeet. You may find that the words look huge at the editing window and you try to size them down. When you check on your mobile they may look too small for anyone to read. So, you may want to achieve a more balanced size for the texts on Lorikeet. I usually stick to around size 32 for a comfortable read.

If you need an expert to get this done for you at only SGD 500 for up to 50 products, check out our Dịch Vụ Thiết Kế Lại Cửa Hàng Lazada.

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