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How to Sell on Lazada Successfully 1-1 Effective Coaching (5 Sessions zoom)

1-1 Coaching on How to Sell on Lazada Successfully.

Lazada coaching helps you to achieve all you need for success on Lazada.

We cover: products design, store design, promotional tools, store management, and any other areas as required.

We answer these questions you may have on how to sell on Lazada successfully and more:

  • How to start a store on Lazada?
  • What are the information required to set up a store on Lazada?
  • Do I need to have a company to set up a store on Lazada?
  • How do I communicate with my customers on Lazada?
  • What is required to make my products more searchable on Lazada?
  • What do I need to do after my first sale comes in on Lazada?
  • Where do I get my packing supplies?
  • How should I pack my parcels properly?
  • What happens when I go on holiday?
  • What happens if my products are out of stock?
  • How do I receive payment from my customers?
  • How do I build my return customers?
  • How do I join 11.11 sale campaign on Lazada?
  • Can I refund my customers if required?
  • Can my customers request for returns and refund and what should I do?
  • How should I price my items?
  • What’s the minimum number of SKUs to list on Lazada?
  • How do I decorate my Lazada store?


Learn how to set up and maintain your own Lazada shop, and how to sell on Lazada successfully.

Receive customized coaching on how to improve your listings, design your store front and engage your customers with the various promotional tools offered by Lazada.

Our 1-1 coaching ensures that all your learning needs are met. 

By the end of the coaching sessions, you are confident and ready to run your own Lazada store.

Start learning how to sell on Lazada successfully today.

Coaching is not restricted to the meeting sessions as support service is also available via Whatsapp / email beyond zoom coaching, and extends to even after coaching sessions are completed.

You may also keep updated via our website on Lazada notes.

We will schedule your coaching sessions with you after you have completed the purchase. You may decide on the pace of learning.


*After payment is completed, and before actual work is done – full refund is allowed if the project is not suited for your needs.

We only work directly with clients and do not entertain agencies who wish to outsource projects to us.

At the same time, you can trust that we do not outsource any of our projects elsewhere.

This means that you will be communicating directly with the person/team who is working on your project.



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