Runaway Digital Network


The Runaway Digital Network is a global collective of digital solopreneurs, or anyone aspiring to be digital solopreneurs.

You can join as long as you have a digital skill.

Graphics design, copywriting, website creation, SEO, Hubspot Dashboard design, data visualization etc.

Livestreamers considered! Write in to check if unsure.

Together, we aim to serve the digital needs of our clients.

Some of us may take up contract work and for others, a one time project.

Regardless, we are respected for our expertise and profession in our area of work.

We charge according to our work, and deliver as quoted.

How We Work

Unlike some freelancers platforms, we do not charge commission, and we allow our digital solopreneurs to communicate with clients directly, even when collecting payments if the client is comfortable with the arrangement.

Clients may make alternative arrangements of making payments to Runaway Pte Ltd first and wait until the project is done before releasing payment to the solopreneur. In such a situation, we will have a personnel involved in all communications in the project to minimize conflicts. Runaway Pte Ltd does not collect commission too, but will transfer full payment to the solopreneur LESS Payment Fees if any.

Who are our Clients

Our clients can be anyone who finds a need in this network. They can be corporations looking for contract work on a project basis. They can also be new business owners. Anyone can work with our network of solopreneurs, regardless of how big or small a project is.

Our Vision

We aim to be the greatest collection of highly skilled digital solopreneurs.

How to Sign Up

Simply write in to with the following information:

General Information:
a) Your full name
b) A writeup about yourself
c) Where you come from (Country, City)
d) Preferred mobile number to use for clients to contact you
e) Preferred email id to use for clients to contact you
f) Any personal website you have for clients to know more about you
g) A photo of yourself

Service Information:

Title of service you provide, with description;
Your charge with currency type (give a package and a generic figure first). Customization may come upon communication with client;
Estimated timeline to complete above package;
Portfolio if available.

An e-meet with Ada is required for all new signups. Please include in the email 3 preferred dates and timings convenient for a Google Meet arrangement.

The Runaway Digital Network Work Ethos

No hidden fees – we are transparent and direct about all the costs involved. No surprise for clients.

We can read our clients’ potential needs and communicate clearly in advance if we feel that clients may misunderstand charges later in the project, so that clients walk into the projects informed of what’s ahead.

We provide advice according to our professional knowledge and do not mislead our clients to overspend or make reckless decisions, unless they insist to do so.

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