SGD 5000 Cross Border Lazada Setup Service

Set up Cross Border Lazada stores with our Lazada Setup Service

Lazada Setup Service: This service includes products upload, products description designs, product frames and store decoration work. This service covers up to 150 products.

You may upload your products on your own if you wish to, and request for learning videos on our YouTube Channel if you are unsure how to go about it.

Applicable for Lazada Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam stores.

For stores based in Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam, language localization is included, but translation will be done via Google Translate for all content.

You may provide your translated content if you have, for better translation accuracy.

What you need to prepare for Lazada store setup:

Graphics [We will design for you with Lazada Setup Service but you can supply us with images if you have]

Brand logo in a square dimension – recommend size: 500 x 500px

Store decoration banners – Most of them require a width of about 1200px so it’s safe to prepare banners with 1200px width, and any preferred height.

For store banners, you can use single image, multi click image (one image with many hotspots for viewers to click on to get to different links), carousel images and more. The options are quite comprehensive for building on Lazada storefront to engage your viewers. You can get really creative here.

Product main frame – recommended size: 1000 x 1000px. This main frame has some decorations, eg. brand logo with some attributes. A well decorated frame attracts viewers to click on your product.

Other product images (Lazada need a total of 3 different images for each product). If you only have 1 single shot for 1 product, do not fret. Simply redesign this shot to become 3 different images and upload them.

Product description banners for each product (Also known as Lorikeet). Prepare at least 3 banners for product description. If you do not have extra banners, you may simply use your 3 product images here.

Category names [You will need to supply this for Lazada Setup Service]

If you have many products (about more than 30), it helps to categorize them so that they may be better presented at your storefront.

Product listing names [You will need to supply this for Lazada Setup Service]

Your product listing name influences your search exposure, so be sure to put in any relevant keywords and brand names. Eg. Brand Name – Product Name with model – keywords of some attributes. However, be careful not to stuff keywords. Just keep your names to relevant keywords.

Product Description Wordings [You will need to supply this for Lazada Setup Service]

You need about a paragraph of wordings for product description. If you really can’t find much to write about each product but still need to fulfil that paragraph of wordings, simply write a paragraph about your store, brand and service level.

Video [We will design for you  with Lazada Setup Service but you can supply us with images if you have]

Having a video for each product listing can boost your listing score. If you do not have an existing video, simply use Canva to compile your 3 images into a simple product video. Do note that videos for your listings are only for view on mobile devices. Browsers on desktops will not be able to view your product videos.

Account Info

These are the basic info required for you to set up your Lazada account. You may sell as an individual seller or a company, and you will either need your Personal Identification number or Company Registration number. You will also need to set up payment info and shipping info in your Lazada account.

Please do not ask us for past work as it is in our policy now to not reveal our clients’ identity, and we will protect your identity as well. However, to test for suitability, we can design 1 product for free for you before confirming the rest of the project with full payment. Thank you.

SGD 5000 one time fee for up to 150 products, 6 markets – Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam.

Full payment required before work starts because we have no time for post project payment chasing. Thank you for your understanding.

Estimated waiting time –

Email Enquiry Response: 24 hours

1st free draft: 3 days

Project completion: Within 3 months

Email Us for Enquiry  |  Whatsapp Us for Enquiry


Payment Terms:

For clients ok with us working on the project on YouTube Livestream – full payment after work done. At checkout, simply select the option “Livestream Post Payment”.

For clients who prefer privacy – we will not reveal any information about your project nor show it to anyone as portfolio – full payment before work done.

To cut down on administrative work we do not entertain 50-50 deposits requests.


*After payment is completed, and before actual work is done – full refund is allowed if the project is not suited for your needs.

We only work directly with clients and do not entertain agencies who wish to outsource projects to us.

At the same time, you can trust that we do not outsource any of our projects elsewhere.

This means that you will be communicating directly with the person/team who is working on your project.


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