How to create a simple payments website for small business in Singapore

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Hello, I’m going to show you how to create a simple payments website for small business with HitPay.

HitPay is an MAS-approved Singapore based payments platform for SMEs.

It’s a convenient platform that accomodates different payment methods like PayNow, Giro, ShopeePay, GrabPay, card payments, AliPay, and even Buy Now Pay Later methods.

In order to start a HitPay account, you need to be a registered business – sole proprietorship or incorporated company.

You can use my referral link to start an account.

Once you’ve completed the registration process, you will get to the dashboard.

Click on “Settings” and then click on “Payment Methods”.

You can connect the payment methods you wish to use.

Note the different transaction fees for each payment method.

Also note the payout schedule for each payment method.

To set up the payments page, let’s assume we are creating one for Limo Service company in Singapore.

First, I will click on “Products”, and then “Product Categories” to set up all my categories.

Next click on “Products” to add products with pricing.

You can also sell digital products. Simply check the digital products checkbox to upload your digital document so that your customers can download it after payment.

You can add variations to your product too.

Once you’re done uploading your products, you can click on the eye icon right beside “Online Shop” to see how your page looks like with your uploaded products.

This is the default template. We can now go ahead and customize the store look and feel.

Click on “Online Shop” and then “Store Design”.

You will see a preview page that doesn’t show your products, but that’s ok. This page is for us to do a bit more customization.

Click on Homepage, and you can upload a cover image or carousel with multiple images.

Your images turn out better if you set your dimensions to 1920px width by 700px height for Cover Size L.

Under “Theme”, you can choose from Default Theme, Light Theme or Custom Theme.

I have gone for Custom Theme, with my own selection of background and button colours.

Under Layout, I will be going for Large image size and Square, since I’ve uploaded the products images in a square format.

Under Links and Footer, you can add your contact details and social media links too.

You may add a new page if you like, by clicking on “Content Pages”. After you’re done, remember to save and close the window.

This is how your page will look like after some customization. Your extra content will appear in the menu bar right above.

To customize your domain link, click on “Online Shop” and then “Domain”.

You can either use a free link or connect to a domain you have purchased.

Go to “Shipping & Pickup” under “Online Shop” for shipping settings.

As this example is a Limo booking service, there is no shipping required so I will disable the Shipping method.

If your business requires shipping, you can add a shipping method.

Note that you won’t be able to differentiate shipping fees among different states within the same country here.

Also note that the calculation for shipping fees is only either Flat rate or Fee per unit.

You can allow your customers to choose date and time slots for delivery.

I will set this in so that you can see how it looks like at the frontend.

You can also allow for pickup by customers at your store.

At the frontend, this is how your product page will look.

This is the checkout page.

This is the selection of delivery time slot.

These are the delivery information fields after you’ve selected your delivery time slot.

Your customers will be brought to this payment page when they click on the Pay button.

You can also customize the emails that your customers receive by going to “Email Templates” under “Settings”.

Hope this helps. If you need to outsource your HitPay store setup, go to the link to HitPay store setup service.

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