Comprehensive Guide to Understanding Shipping on Shopee Singapore 2023

Shipping on Shopee Singapore

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Hello, in this article I will help you understanding shipping on Shopee Singapore.

Shipping on Shopee Singapore – Standard Shipping Channel

By default, the standard shipping channel is Doorstep Delivery.

The Shipping providers that Shopee Singapore use for doorstep delivery are: Shopee Xpress, Ninja Van, J&T Express, Speedpost Standard.

When an order comes in with doorstep delivery, the seller does not get to decide which delivery partner to work with.

Shopee will allocate the delivery partner and it will show up on the order page. In most cases, Shopee will try to stick to 1 delivery partner for all orders within the day.

Pickup service will only be available if you have more than 5 orders per day. Otherwise, you will be given the locations where you can drop off your parcel.

Sellers are given 2 business days to ensure parcel is packed and shipment arranged. Parcel needs to be dropped off or picked up within 2 days from shipment arranged.

Orders that are not attended to on time will be automatically cancelled.

For Doorstep delivery, buyers pay a fixed shipping rate of $1.75. However, if they opt for self collection at selected pickup points, they can enjoy free shipping.

Sellers will be charged shipping fees starting from $1.51, depending on whether they are on Shopee’s special programs and also on the weight of the parcel.

Shipping on Shopee Singapore – Seller Own Fleet

For sellers who are selling products that require self delivery, they can apply for self-delivery.

Note the criteria to apply for Seller Own Fleet Delivery:

Sellers who opt for self-delivery are also expected to prepare for shipment within 2 business days and to have the parcel shipped out 2 days after shipment is prepared.

Upon sending the orders out, sellers are strongly recommended to keep any proof of shipping, such as a copy of the shipping label or invoices, for at least 3 months to ease any potential checks in cases of return/refund requests due to non-receipt.

For self delivery orders on Shopee, buyers shipping fees are standardized to $8 for chilled and frozen items and $3.99 for other items.

If you are not using Shopee’s standard delivery providers but also not doing self-delivery but using another delivery provider, the standard buyer’s shipping fees would be $1.49.

The only reason for such a situation is if you are selling frozen or chilled products and can’t use Shopee’s standard delivery providers but you do not have the resources to do self delivery as well.

Feel free to check back with me if you have any other questions on Shipping on Shopee Singapore.

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