How to be a Seller on Shopee 2023

how to be a seller on shopee 2023

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Shopee Seller Account

I’m going to explain how to be a seller on Shopee 2023.

Unlike Lazada, the seller account for Shopee is the same as the buyer account.

However, if you prefer not to use the same account for buying and selling, you need to own a different mobile number to set up another account for selling.

If you have not had a buyer account, you can go to to set it up.

Once you have signed up for an account on Shopee, you can go to and click on Seller Center.

This brings you to the backend of your Shopee seller centre.

ShopeeMall Seller

If you are selling a branded product and need to be a ShopeeMall seller, you will need to submit a Seller Application form.

Do note the criteria to be a ShopeeMall seller:

Kindly note the difference in selling costs between both Shopee Marketplace seller and ShopeeMall seller.

Selling Costs on Shopee

Shopee marketplace seller will be charged commission of 2% and transaction fees of 2%. Currently, Shopee sellers do not need to pay commission for sales made within the first 90 days on Shopee.

ShopeeMall sellers will be charged a commission of about 5%. If the seller joins Shopee’s cashback program there will be another service fee of 5% too. There will also be a transaction fee of 2%.

Feel free to check back with me if you have any other questions about Shopee seller account set up.

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