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Hello, we are going to explore TikTok Shop Promotional Tools at the Seller Center. Let’s check out each of them and explore the settings we can set in for each tool.

1. Product Discount

Product discount promotional Period must be longer than 10 mins and shorter than 365 days.

You can choose to either give a percentage off or a fixed price discount.

You can also choose to use TikTok’s smart discount function that suggests discount settings for you based on data of similar sellers.

You may toggle between product level or variation level here. If you select product level, it means that all variations under the selected product will follow the set discount rule. However, if you select variation level, you can decide on only selected variations under a product to follow the discount rule.

Note the additional notes on product discount:

The biggest discount takes effect. A product can be included in multiple discount promotions, but only the biggest discount will take effect at any given time.

Campaign prices and flash deal prices are prioritised.

When a product has both a product discount and a flash deal discount, only the flash deal price will be shown. Similarly, when a product has both a discount promotion and is approved to be part of a TikTok Shop campaign, the campaign price will be prioritised.

2. Flash Deal

Flash deal duration must be shorter than 72 hours.

Note the additional notes on Flash Deal Promotion:

Lowest price in 30 days – Flash deal price is required to be lower than the lowest price after seller product discounts in the last 30 days. If there is no order history in the last 30 days, flash deal price is only required to be lower than original retail price.

Flash deal price is prioritized.

When a product is added to both a flash deal promotion and a product discount promotion, only the flash deal price will take effect. However, when a flash deal product is registered and approved for a TikTok campaign, the campaign price will be prioritised during the campaign, regardless of whether or not it is lower than the flash deal price.

3. Buy More Save More

Buy More Save More Promotion period must be longer than 10 mins but shorter than 365 days.

You can add only up to 2 tiers for “Buy More Save More” function.

You may activate the option to limit this promotion to 1 use per user.

You can also set a budget to how much to “lose” from this promotion before it automatically ends.

Note that once the promotion has been created, the budget can only be revised upwards.

4. Voucher

There are currently 2 different voucher tools. First is the Regular and Live voucher and the second is the seller’s new customer voucher.

For the Regular and Live Voucher settings, you need to first decide if you are creating a regular voucher or a live voucher.

For both vouchers types, claim period must be longer than 10 mins but shorter than 365 days.

You can then set in the validity period after claim. Maximum validity period is 365 days.

You may decide on either an amount off or percentage off.

You can put a limit to total number of vouchers claimed and also number of claims per customer.

You may apply the voucher created either to entire shop or only selected products.

The same settings apply for “Seller New Customers Voucher”

5. Bundle Deal

Bundle Deal Promotion period must be longer than 10 mins and shorter than 90 days.

You can decide on giving either a percentage off or set a fixed price for bundle purchase.

You can also set a limit to how many bundles a buyer can purchase.

One bundle can only have either 2 or 3 products.

6. Gift with Purchase

GWP Promotion period must be longer than 10 mins and shorter than 180 days.

Gift With Purchase promotions can be applied together with other seller discounts, excluding Bundle Deals and Buy More Save More

Double check your promotion schedule to avoid overspending.

The customer can only enjoy the Gift With Purchase promotion once for each order.

For example, for a promotion with a “Buy 2 get one gift set A” tier 1 discount and a “Buy 3 get one gift set B” tier 2 discount, the customer who purchases 6 main items in an order will only get one gift set B.

The total value of each gift set cannot exceed the minimum order value required to qualify for the promotion.

For example, there are 2 main items in a “Buy 3 items, get one gift set” promotion: Main item A with an original price of $8 and main item B with an original price of $5. The total value of the gift set must not exceed $15.

The gift must come from your product listing.

For a return request which involves all the main items in an order, any free gifts involved in this promotion shall be returned together.

You can only create up to 2 tiers of gift with purchase.

There’s also a Free Shipping Promotion tool that will only be available for sellers who got out of probation period.

For Singapore sellers, you will stay in probation period until your total number of orders exceed 300 after 30 days of TikTok Shop setup.

Feel free to check back with me if you have any other questions about promotional tools on TikTok Shop.

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