Basic Guide to TikTok short video creation for your Business 2023

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I’m going to give you a basic guide on creating TikTok short videos for your business.

TikTok Short Video Creation Methods

TikTok short videos can be created via any video creation platforms like Canva / Capcut, and then uploaded directly onto TikTok. When doing this, make sure to set your video dimensions to width 1080px, height 1920px (9:16 ratio for Capcut).

TikTok short videos can also be created directly from the TikTok app on your phone.

I will explain the functions that are available for you on the TikTok app video creation tool.

TikTok Short Video Creation Functions

To create your TikTok short video via the TikTok app, open the app and tap on the plus sign at the bottom center of the screen.

Over here, you can choose to upload a pre-created video saved onto your phone.

General functions for TikTok Short Video Creation

At the right side you can see a list of functions.

Use Flip if you need your phone camera to flip to show your face or away from your face.

Use Speed to adjust the speed of your video. The settings for speed are: 0.3, 0.5, 1x (the original speed), 2x and 3x (the fastest speed).

Use Filters if you need to add a filter to your lens, maybe for a more dreamy effect.

For example, there was a popular Wes Anderson style TikTok video that uses the Vibe Filter V6.

Use Beautify if you’re taking a selfie video and you need to apply some makeup or adjust your face shape.

Use Timer if you need TikTok to help you do a countdown before it starts recording. The timer settings has only 2 options – 3 seconds or 10 seconds.

You can also set a recording limit of up to 15 seconds with this timer function. For example, if your recording limit is set to 5 seconds, TikTok will stop recording automatically after 5 seconds.

Use the Q&A function to create content that answers popular questions. You can also create a new question and do a video to answer that question.

Video Timing and Layout for TikTok Short Video Creation

Right above the record button, you can see a row of timing options, as well as an option for Photo and an option for Text.

TikTok now allows videos to go up to 10 mins. If you are unsure how long you will need, simply select the 10 mins option.

When you start recording, you can pause the recording for a breather and start again to continue your recording.

You can also select “Photo” if you are only uploading photos. Your audience will swipe left when they want to see the next photo.

“Text” is a new option, and allows you to just put in a chunk of text with a background and some music.

Different Formats for TikTok Short Video Creation

Below the Record button, you can see 4 options – “Camera”, “Story”, “Templates” and “Live”.

Use “Camera” if you are creating a normal TikTok video that appears in your profile page.

Use “Story” if you are creating content that you expect to disappear after 24 hours.

You can either create photos story or video story, but story is limited to 15 seconds video only.

Use “Templates” if you want to put together some photos that TikTok will automatically transform into a video format for you.

You will also see the “Effects” option. If you have time, you can explore the different effects you can try on. If not, you can try to apply only popular effects. I’ll explain to you how.

When you spot a TikTok video that is using a popular effect, the effect name will appear just above the video caption with a yellow icon.

Tap on that yellow icon and you will see many other videos using that effect. You can check out how that effect is used by different creators for inspiration.

Then, find the “Use this effect” red button at the bottom of your screen. Tap on that to get to the creator’s page to start your video with the effect.

With this, I hope you are well oriented to the functions for you to create your TikTok video from TikTok app. Do play around with the functions to get more familiar with them.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about TikTok Short video creation.

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