Why Brands Need to Start Creating TikTok Short Videos ASAP

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First, TikTok Short Videos are Assets

Every short video on TikTok is your asset.

Unlike other social media that tend to archive your posts, TikTok does not. It sees your videos as a pool of resources and digs any of them out to post in front of users anytime they deem fit. This means your videos are never truly archived. A video that was created a year ago CAN still be viewed and liked by someone today.

The more short videos you post the higher your chances of getting seen.

Second, Learn about engagement on the job

Creating TikTok short videos is the best way to learn and understand your audience.

Instead of jumping straight into doing Sponsored ads on TikTok, you should be creating short videos first.

By getting feedback from engagement levels of your audience, you will learn what kind of videos work best for your brand.

Do not restrict your creations to a certain genre. Allow your brand creator to play with various genres and provide a multi-dimensional personality to your brand. This makes your brand more relatable and engaging. Only push out a video for sponsored ad if you see that it is already performing reasonably well as a Short Video.

Third, Activity on TikTok earns Trust with your Audience

By faithfully showing up to constantly try to engage your audience, you can earn trust.

This is especially so if your engagement on TikTok is genuine and authentic.

Your willingness to engage people even way before they become close to being your customer shows your sincerity in serving your industry and sharing what’s good.

In time to come, you build a strong foundation for your personal and business brand as being trustworthy, always there.

Suggested A.D.A (Attempt a Doable Action)

If you have not downloaded TikTok on your phone, you should start to download and video how others show up on TikTok. Take them as your reference.

Play around with the creation tool as well. You can always publish as Private if you are shy for a start.

If you are a business with enough manpower, you can put together a social media content Taskforce from different departments. They can take turns to do TikTok videos and provide a more multi-dimensional perspective for your brand. By putting the task of creating short videos into the hands of a team instead of an individual it can help prevent burnout and staleness in your content. This is also a fun way of encouraging team work cross departments. If you do have such a Taskforce, you can open Facebook, Instagram and YouTube Shorts accounts as well to fully utilize your short videos.



A.D.A What is A.D.A A.D.A is an acronym for “Attempt a Doable Action”.  It is coined by Ada Leow. Why A.D.A We need to talk

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