2023 – the Year of the Davids.

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2023 is the year the Davids trump the Goliaths.

I’m just observing this from TikTok.

TikTok was born only in 2018. It’s only about 5 years old this year, but its impact is immense.

This is because TikTok democratizes media.

It allows every single person no matter how big or small to have a voice, and amplifies that voice as it deserves. No money, power or connection required. Only relevance.

This is how TikTok is so empowering.

TikTok is a true and fair battleground.

The under-resourced have gone on the platform and are thriving from it.

The over-resourced are still over-analyzing why and how they want to position themselves on such a scary platform.

TikTok is the birth place of countless small brands (starting as home businesses). TikTok brought these brands in front of global eyes without taking anything from them.

TikTok led the way. Instagram and Facebook have followed suit with reels and YouTube with YouTube Shorts.

The media game has shifted to benefit the small and agile with nothing to lose, nothing to analyse, nothing to justify, nobody to report to. All they need to do was to keep trying and playing around with content. Be silly, be fun, be goofy.

Are you a David in your industry? This is your year. Go for it!



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