What I learnt about Business from watching Badminton Tournaments

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These days I try to play badminton with my girl daily, and as she gets better in the sport we decided it’s time to watch some tournaments to learn some strategies.

Some of the strategies i picked up was –

– Make sure you move fast enough from one end of the court to the other.

– Try to predict how your opponent will return the shuttlecock so you respond fast enough.

– You don’t have to return every shot if that shot is going to be an Out.

It’s pretty much agility training I guess. Both physical and mental.

But what I learn most from watching matches is this: Most wins don’t come from a good shot!

Most wins actually come from your opponents’ mistakes.

Here’s what I learnt about business from watching badminton tournaments:

👉 Focus on yourself, not on your opponent. Focus on staying the course, consistently adding value and doing good works. Stop thinking about how to be better than your competitors. Focus on becoming better than yourself yesterday.

👉 Focus on surviving long-term, rather than winning short term. The survival is the ultimate winner. Conserve energy and resources when you can, so that you can out-survive your competitors.

👉 Focus on not making stupid mistakes, and then wait for your opponents to make stupid mistakes.

I’ve been in the eCommerce industry in Singapore for close to 13 years.

Through the years I’ve seen companies come and go, many got their first pot of gold from government fundings on digital projects, but disappeared once these fundings get better regulated.

Through the years, I’ve kept my pricing low enough to be accessible to many. However, most businesses got distracted by projects approved by government fundings – I was overlooked.

Yet, I’ve kept cost low, and business efficient. I survived through the years when many others earned their quick bucks but provided little value to the industry. Many of these companies have closed, and their clients left with a mess to deal with on their own. No follow up customer service, many businesses became disillusioned with the industry.

I’ve survived, not because I was good but because I waited out long enough.

For those of you starting your own business, think of your business as a long term game. Stop focusing on winning, but focus on surviving and you will be the ultimate winner. Being too obsessed with winning the now will only lead you to crash and burn.



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