2023 – The Year of the Creators’ Economy

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To anyone reading this I say – this is the year you decide to be a creator. Build your own brand.

I’m saying this at the backdrop of retrenchments and bad economic outlook.

You need to start taking ownership of your own career and your own brand.

Get yourself out there, create content and reach the global audience.


But even if you’re not out of job – start building your personal brand today. Because you never know.

The content you create, if placed on the right platforms, actually become your assets. The more you work on content creation, the more you help people know you better. This gives you an edge in landing that dream job.

And do you know you can also monetize on your content too? That makes a good side income potential!


Do you know the obsession with content marketing actually started more than 10 years ago?

I recall back then, there has already been this saying – Content is King.

Those were the years of social media boom. The years that got Mark Zuckerberg rich.

BUT many of us had our hands tied. While I knew content is king, I was grossly under-resourced.

There was no Canva then. If I needed to learn graphics design, I had to painfully pick up Adobe Photoshop. No other way.

If I needed stock photos, I had to buy them and they were expensive! Don’t even mention videos.

In terms of photography – filters were hardly heard of. If I were to take a photo of myself and post it up, I either had to edit painstakingly with Adobe Photoshop or just make do with the original.

Those with little gift in writing needed to hire copywriters. They were also expensive.

Let’s not even talk about translation.

And back then I was working with hard disk storage. Imagine!


Now come 2023 – we are living in the best of times!

I’m forever thankful for the existence of Canva. It is easily the most empowering thing every creator needs to have!

With Canva and a decent premium fee, we get unlimited supplies of stocks photos and videos to easily integrate into our work.

Video creation (what used to be almost impossible for any layman) is now a breeze with Canva.

Do you know that Canva now offers 1 click AI translation that works as well as #ChatGPT4? I did my homework and verified!

Not only that. We now have all kinds of AI offering writing service.

2023 is different because of the accessibility of AI technology.

#AI will be the most empowering thing for creators this year. The sky is the limit now. You can convert ANYTHING into content, with AI.

AI can’t do all the work for you, you got to put in the work to make AI work for you. But what is happening this year is – everything is made possible because of AI.

2023 is the most empowering year for all solopreneurs, creators and anyone keen to build your personal brand. Get started!



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