Ep 3: How to build your eCommerce website on Elementor Hosting 2023 - Site Identity

Ep 3: How to build your eCommerce website on Elementor Hosting 2023 – Site Identity

I’m going to show you how to set up your Site Identity in your WordPress Website.

Getting to Site Identity at Backend

At your WordPress backend, mouse over “Appearance” and then click on “Customize”.

At the “Customize” page, click on “Site Identity”. You will see 4 areas you need to edit. 1) Logo; 2) Site Title; 3) Tagline and 4) Site Icon.

Tagline hardly appears anywhere, so this part is optional.

The recommended size for logo is 350px X 100px and the recommended size of Site Icon upload is 512px X 512px.

The Site Icon is also the favicon, and appears on the tab with your Site Title. Upload a png file saved with a transparent background to achieve the best effect.

Create Files on Canva

I’m now going to show you how to create your logo file and site icon file at the recommended sizes with Canva. Canva is a wonderful graphic design tool for every layman.

First, head to Canva.com and click “Sign Up for Free”.

Go through with the sign up process.

You will get to the design dashboard once you’re properly logged in.

Start your Design on Canva

Click on the purple “Create a design” button on the top right hand corner of the screen. Then, select “Custom Size” and input 350px as the width and 100px as the height. Then click “Create New Design”.

This brings you to the proportionately sized canvas to design your work. Note that the size of the canvas you see is not the true size of your image. You can adjust the zoom bar at the bottom of your screen to 100% to understand how big is 350px by 100px.

Upload original Logo File

You can upload your original logo file by clicking on the Upload button.

Once your file is uploaded, it will appear below. Click on your logo image for it to appear in your canvas. Scale it to fit into your canvas space.

Save Design

To save your file, click on the “Share” button on top right hand corner.

Click on “Download” and select your file type. We recommend PNG. Canva Free plan does not offer the option of transparent background.

If you’re a new business and have not yet have a logo, you can also create one on Canva! Search elements for some ideas, and use the fancy text section to put a logo together for your business.

If you happen to use a premium image and you’re in the Canva free plan, you can simply purchase it at a very small fee of about USD1. After you have made the purchase, you are free to download the file.

Use an Image on a Different Sized Canvas

If you need to extract an image from the logo to frame it into a site icon, you can click on the Home text on the Canva desktop. Then, create a new design with size 512px x 512px. Go back to the previous project on home page and copy the image, and paste it on the new canvas.

Upload files on WordPress

Lastly, go ahead to upload your images and edit the text fields at your WordPress backend, and then click Publish at the top.

The next tutorial, we will start to upload your products details onto WooCommerce at your website backend.

Watch Video Tutorial

If you need more visuals to learn, watching the video tutorial may help better.


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