Explaining TikTok Affiliate Program for Creators

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Are you a TikTok Content Creator interested to also earn commission from becoming a TikTok Shop affiliate?

The current criteria for Content Creators to become affiliate is to have more than 1,000 followers and also be more than 18 yrs old.

However, many people do not know that you can bypass the criteria of more than 1,000 followers if you set up TikTok Shop for Seller.

Setting up TikTok Shop

You can set up TikTok Shop from your TikTok app directly or via your desktop at seller.tiktok.com.

If you are setting up TikTok Shop on desktop, be sure to link this TikTok Shop account with your creator account on your app. Go to My Account and click on Linked TikTok Account.

Click on the Link official account button and you will see a pop up that guides you through how to link your accounts.

Once your accounts are linked or when you have signed up as TikTok Seller on your app, you will see a Shop icon on your profile page.

Exploring Product Marketplace

Now, tap on the hamburger menu icon on the top right hand corner of your TikTok account profile page, and then tap on Creator tools.

Tap on TikTok Shop for Creator, and then tap on Product Marketplace.

In this Product Marketplace page, you can search for products, browse products by categories and also see how much you can earn from each product sale.

You can also click on the Free Sample filter to see all the products that you can request free sample for.

Tap on any product to find out more about the product in its description page.

You can also Buy a Sample of this product to create your short videos.

Tap the Add button to add it to your Shop so that you can link this product in your short videos.


Do note that when you attempt to add a product to sell as an affiliate there may be another step you need to take for verification. Simply go through the process as instructed.

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