How to Pin TikTok Short Videos

How to Pin TikTok Short Videos

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How to Pin TikTok Short Videos

What do we mean by Pin Video?

When you look at a profile page on TikTok, you will see the videos created on this profile.

There are 3 pin slots at the top.

When you pin a video, it means to stick it to the top row regardless of when it’s created.

There are only 3 slots for video pinning. 

Why do we Pin Videos?

There are a few reasons why someone will want to pin certain videos:

Pin the 3 videos that best describe your business or person. These 3 pinned videos are the ones everyone need to watch to understand you better. For example, if you are documenting your hospital recovery journey on TikTok, you may want to pin videos that explain why you are in the hospital or why you got this illness. 

Pin the top 3 performing videos. You may have some videos that have gone super viral and you feel that such videos help your profile look good when they’re pinned to the top. Your viewers who view your profile will be able to see how many views there are per video. So by pinning your top performing videos, you give your viewers an impression that you have created viral videos.

Pin the videos you need your viewers to refer to. For example, you may be talking about a certain subject and you have many people asking you the same question. You may have answered this question before in a previous video and you don’t want to repeat the story. So, simply pin up that video and then direct your viewers to that pinned video.

How to Pin and Unpin Videos?

It’s the same method to both pin and unpin videos.

To pin a video, you first need to publish it on TikTok.

After you have published the video, go back to view that video.

Tap on the 3 dots at the right panel bottom. 

You will then see the icon “Pin”. 

Tap on it to pin. 

If you have previously pinned a video and now you wish to unpin it, simply use the same method. The word “Pin” should have been replaced by “Unpin” and just tap on “Unpin”.

Suggested A.D.A (Attempt a Doable Action)

Start pinning your videos!

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