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How to Create a TikTok Video of me Speaking in front of an Image

How to Create a TikTok Video of me Speaking in front of an Image

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How to Create a TikTok Video of me Speaking in front of an Image

How to create a short video that looks like this:


This is a short TikTok video with the following features:

There is a comment box at the front, to which this video will be replying to

There are a few background images

There is someone speaking in front of the background images

There are texts that appear at certain parts of the video

1. Respond to a Comment

In order to have a video with the comment box, you need to create a video in response to that comment.

But before that, you should taken photos (preferably vertical shots) of the pictures you need to use.

Then, go back to your TikTok app.

Go to the comment from a previous post and tap on “Reply”. 

You will see a video red icon on the left side of the reply message space.

Tap on the video red icon.

You will get to a video creation screen.

2. Use the Green Screen Effect

Tap on the Effects icon at the left of the recording red circle.

Search for “Green Screen” and select the effect named “Green Screen”.

Once you have selected this effect, tap on the Plus icon to select the photo you want to use at the background.

Now, look at your phone screen and you should see your face appearing there. If you don’t see your face, tap on the camera flip icon at the top right hand corner of your screen to flip your camera.

You can use 2 fingers to squeeze your face image in or out to adjust the size of your face. You may also move your face around with your finger to position it at a good spot.

Then, start recording the video.

Tap the same red button to stop recording once you’re done with the first image.

Then, go ahead and Tap on Effects and then Plus icon to change your image.

Tap on the red button again to record.

Repeat until you’re done with all images. Select the Tick icon to get to the editing page. 

3. Edit Video Stitch

First, you will see your comment box appearing in your videos stitch, and you may want to set duration so that it disappears after a while.

Simply tap on the box and then tap “Set duration”. Adjust the red panel to set duration for this comment box to appear. To save it, simply tap on the Tick icon.

You may want to cut off some parts of your stitched video.

Simply tap on the first video icon on the right panel to get to the video editing section.

Then, tap on Edit. 

You can split the videos at any section you want and then delete the parts you don’t want to show. Save your editing once you’re done.

4. Add Text

To add text at different sections of the video, simply tap on “Text” at the right panel.

Then, type in your text first.

You can style your text with different fonts, colour and background types.

After your text is added, tap on Done to save it first.

Once you see the text on your video already, tap on it again and select “Set duration”. Then, adjust the red panel to set which part of the video you want the text to appear.

Do it for other texts that you wish to add.

5. Bonus Tip

Whenever you see an effect that someone’s using on TikTok, you will see a yellow icon with the effect name.

Simply tap on that effect name and you can start to use it too!

You can also browse an entire pool of videos that used that same effect, and gain inspirations on how you can best use it.

Suggested A.D.A (Attempt a Doable Action)

If you do not have a comment to respond to, just go ahead to try out the Green Screen effect with Step 2.

Go browse TikTok and find a video using an effect. Try to tap on that effect and learn how to use it with reference from other videos.

Test out that effect yourself.

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