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What to do When your Website Looks Off after an Elementor Update

Perform a Manual Backup

Some hosting companies like Elementor Hosting and Siteground include daily backups and also allow us to backup our website manually when required.

Note that Bluehost does not offer such an option in its price plan. You need to pay separately for a backup plan.

You may notice something off after you update your Elementor or Elementor Pro plugin at the website. It may appear in the form of some texts looking off, or your navigation menu looking out of proportion.

In this case, simply go back to your hosting account to perform a manual backup first.

Roll back your Elementor Version

To roll back your Elementor version, go back to your website backend.

Mouse over “Elementor” and select “Tools”. Then click on “Version Control”.

You will see the page titled “Rollback to Previous Version”.

There is a “Rollback version” option and a “Rollback Pro version” option.

For both of these, simply click on the button to perform a rollback.

Check to see if the errors are gone

If the errors are still there, you may like to roll back again to another previous version and see what happens. 

If the errors persist then you may have a plugin issue.

You may need to deactivate some plugins one by one and test to see if the errors continue.

If you are unable to solve the problem, feel free to whatsapp me to help troubleshoot.

Suggested A.D.A (Attempt a Doable Action)

If you come across this article but you do not yet have an issue with Elementor updates, feel free to go check out your Elementor Tools to understand what’s there.

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