How Brands Can Show Up on TikTok

How Brands Can Show Up on TikTok

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How Brands can Show Up on TikTok

TikTok for Business

Brands can set up an account at TikTok for Business

The account at TikTok for Business is different from a normal TikTok account.

When you set up a Tikok for Business account, you get to access TikTok’s advertising platform (think along the line of Google ads) and TikTok’s Creators Marketplace.

At the advertising platform, you will need to upload a vertical video and then you can start to place a budget for TikTok to run ads for you. 

Minimum budget recommended: About SGD500 per month for at least 3 months for the algorithm to learn how to better reach your intended audience.

At the Creator’s Marketplace, you get to view all the meaningful data of eligible creators you can work with to help you create short videos for their audience or for ads. 

Start a TikTok Account to Post Short Videos and Set up Livestream

Brands are encouraged to start their own TikTok account to post short videos.

As mentioned earlier, when you run ads on TikTok you need to put in a budget for a period of time to allow the algorithm to learn more about your target audience.

However, if you post your own short videos regularly, you are training the algorithm to discover your audience for you free of charge.

When you have a short video that is engaging well, you can then promote that video to garner more views and engagement. This strategy works much better than if you simply allow TikTok to run ads for you from scratch.

Once your account reaches 1000 followers you will be eligible for TikTok live. 

TikTok live helps you engage your audience better with 2 way real time interactions.

Start TikTok Shop

For brands selling products, you are encouraged to start a TikTok Shop account. The backend of TikTok Shop resembles what you see in other eCommerce marketplaces like Lazada and Shopee.

Once you have uploaded your products on TikTok Shop, you need to bind the TikTok Shop account to your TikTok account on your phone.

After you are done binding, you can then create short videos that link to specific products. This can be done by including a Link to a product once you have created your video.

Brands with TikTok Shop can do livestream anytime, even without having 1000 followers.

Suggested A.D.A (Attempt a Doable Action)

If you have not done so, start an account at TikTok for Business.

Explore the options available and also know more about creators listed on Creators Marketplace. 

Get a good understanding of how much each creator charges, as well as those relevant to your industry.

Start an account on TikTok App and set it as a business account.

Search up competitors names on TikTok and check out how they fare on TikTok.

If you are selling products, start an account on TikTok Shop and familiarize yourself with the backend.

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