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What is A.D.A

A.D.A is an acronym for “Attempt a Doable Action”. 

It is coined by Ada Leow.

Why A.D.A

We need to talk more about A.D.A because we are living in an era overwhelmed by information overload.

We over-learn and under-apply.

We also over-dream and under-execute.

How much time is wasted on learning something we would never use? How much time is wasted dreaming about a future possibility but never ever moving closer?

INACTION is killing us slowly.

We need to start to encourage ourselves to “Attempt a Doable Action”.

Be it to apply a learning, moving towards a certain goal, or to some people getting out of a rut.

Applying A.D.A

Let’s break down the meaning of A.D.A.

First, the word “Attempt” means to try. It is a gentler and kinder way to encourage people to take their first step to do. Try. 

You may succeed but most likely you will fail, since it’s your first attempt. But at least try. 

Nothing is going to happen without that first failed attempt.

Second, the word “Doable” means something you can start. Do not plan on an action that is not “doable”. 

If anything looks too intimidating, break it down.

Break it to the point it is truly doable, then do it.

For some people, it can mean to go shower. For others, to download a coding software.

Lastly, the word “Action” – no explanation required. Just do it!

Coach Thyself

You can coach yourself by constantly thinking about your A.D.A.

After every training or webinar you attended, challenge yourself to Attempt a Doable Action.

If you have a goal or a dream, challenge yourself to Attempt a Doable Action TODAY that brings you just 1 step nearer to achieving that goal or dream.

Or maybe you finished a book today. Based on what you’ve gleaned from the book, challenge yourself to “Attempt a Doable Action”. 

The more you do, the more your learning gets ingrained in you. The better you remember what you have learnt.

Also, are you laid off? Do you feel you have somehow lost power or control of your life? Start to think how you can Attempt a Doable Action to make yourself better today compared to yesterday. Little steps go a long way.

Taking ACTION is your true power. Use your power and Attempt a Doable Action TODAY.



A.D.A What is A.D.A A.D.A is an acronym for “Attempt a Doable Action”.  It is coined by Ada Leow. Why A.D.A We need to talk

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