The Most Comprehensive Guide on Lazada Store Setup 2022

lazada store setup

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This guide is for you if you are looking into doing your own Lazada Store Setup for your eCommerce business. Perhaps, one frustrating thing about Lazada is that their support team is so out of reach sometimes. It’s almost impossible to reach out to them to ask questions if you have not started a seller account on Lazada. So, hope this guide helps.

1. Start a Seller Account

lazada store setup

Here’s the link to start a seller account with Lazada. Unlike Shopee, your seller account is different from your shopper account. So, even if you are a frequent shopper on Lazada, you will need to start a separate seller account to start selling.

Generally, new sellers start off as Local Seller. If you are wondering what LazGlobal Seller is – a LazGlobal Seller needs to be based in China/Korea/Japan. This means if you want to be able to sell to all Lazada’s countries (Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam) at one go, you need to register your business in China/Korea/Japan and have a local bank account there.

Currently, cross border selling is still not allowed for Lazada Singapore. However, if you are selling from Lazada Malaysia, you can also list on Lazada Singapore.

And if you are curious about the difference among Lazmall, Marketplace and Redmart, I’ve written a section on it that you can read in the link above.


At this account setup step, you will need to enter your mobile number, email address and set your password.

Your login URL to access the backend is this:

2. Welcome Steps for Lazada Store Setup

Lazada will run through the welcome steps with you at your Seller Center backend.

You will need to fill in your warehouse address, and after that authenticate your identity either as an individual or corporation. You can find out what’s needed for identity authentication here.

Lastly, Lazada will encourage you to upload your first product to start. You don’t have to follow through with that yet.

3. Set up Seller Wallet for Singapore Lazada Sellers


Setting up your Seller Wallet is important because Lazada cannot pay you without Seller Wallet.

For new stores, you will receive a notification by Lazada to set up your seller wallet. If you have not received anything from Lazada, you can do so on your own by going to “My Balance” under “Finance” at the left menu bar.

Simply follow through with the instructions given to set up your Seller Wallet.

Note that Seller Wallet setup is only for Lazada Singapore sellers.

4. Decide on Logistics Arrangement in Lazada Store setup

In Singapore, Lazada uses SingPost and Ninja Van as their default delivery partner. I’ve written a section on how to send products to customers. You can refer to the link for more information.

For parcels sent via SingPost, you will need to pack them and go to SingPost to drop the parcels.

For parcels sent via Ninja Van, the default setting is “Drop-off” on Lazada backend. If you need Ninja Van to pick up the parcels from you instead, you need to change the setting on Lazada Seller Center.

Click on “Profile” under “My Account” in the left menu bar. Then, click on “Shipping Provider”. Edit the Drop-off to Pickup.

If you want to outsource packing and delivery to Lazada, you can contact Lazada for “FBL” – Fulfilment by Lazada.

If your product requires installation, is more than 30 kg or belongs to the category of Dangerous Goods, you will need to write in to Lazada to apply for “Delivered by Seller” option for your delivery. If you do not write in, this option will not be open to you.

5. Chat Settings for Lazada Store Setup

Chat settings is one of the easiest to miss in Lazada store setup.

You can find chat settings under “My Account”.

Under “User Management”, you can add more users to help with the chat. You can also enter the working hours if you can only respond to chats within those hours.

The most important part of Chat Setting is the Auto Reply.

Under “Auto Reply”, you will see an introduction window about LISA Chatbot.

This is a very new feature for Lazada chat, and it is not all free.

It is basically an Artificial Intelligent Chatbot that helps you to manage your chats with configurations of automated replies.

If you click on the blue button “Go to Lisa configuration page”, you will see an Agreement pop up window for you to agree before you can proceed. Please proceed with care. Read the agreement carefully, because a subscription is mentioned within the agreement without too much details on what’s entailed. While there are also mentions of a FREE LISA plan, we are not sure what we are signing up for should we click on “Agree”. You will also see a link provided in the agreement and it links to a service page on Taobao. This is an AI Chatbot service page that charges 349 Yuan / Year.

So, if you are not ready to take on the AI Chatbot, simply scroll down to set up your welcome message instead.

Welcome message is free an necessary. It is an automated reply to anyone who initiates a chat with you. You can just put in a very generic message like this “Welcome to our store. Thank you for considering our products. We will get back to you soonest on your enquiry.”

You may also like to explore the Quick Reply Function. This function helps you prepare all your answers in advance. You can do a prediction of frequently asked questions and list down all answers you need. This will speed up the process of replying customers. You just need to select the right answer to send back to the customer.

6. Upload Products

To upload products, simply click on “Products”, then “Add Products”. While there is a “Bulk Add” function, I don’t encourage using this function because you still end up wasting a lot of time on excel editing. On top of that, you may not be able to most accurately put all your products information onboard. It’s still faster to upload the products one by one. I’ve written a section on getting perfect score for your products upload.

7. Create Product Decoration Banner

I’ve seen so many sellers, included some big brands, missing out on this product decoration banner design for Lazada store setup. It’s easy to miss because this banner only appears on the mobile view. So, if you are looking at your Lazada store via a desktop you will definitely miss it.

This banner usually links to your homepage, so you can design something that says something about your store, or a sale you are taking part in.

To get this banner up, click on “Products” and then “Decorate Products”.

Note the Campaign banner size : 690px * 204 px.

8. Set up Store Logo and Store Name

Once in a while we may still stumble upon some stores on Lazada without a proper logo and name.

To upload Logo and name your store, click on “Store” and then “Store Settings”.

For Store Logo – Recommended image resolution: 600 x 600 pixel, JPEG format, maximum size 1 MB.

On the same page, you will be prompted to set up your Store Follower Voucher and Store Share Voucher. You may choose to set them at the stage or later.

There is also a prompt to set up your “product details page banner”. You may ignore this if you have done the “Product Decoration Banner” as above. It’s the same banner.

9. Design your Storefront

Go to “Store Decoration” under “Store” to design your store front.

As you do so, remember to click on the header to upload a header image for both the desktop version and the mobile version, as according to the recommended sizes given.

When designing your storefront, always work on the mobile view first, then copy it over to the desktop view. This is because most of Lazada’s shoppers browse on mobile so the mobile design is more important.

Also, note that some modules available in the mobile view are not available for desktop. So, you will need to check the desktop version before publishing.

10. Explore Promotion Tools

Congratulations, by now you should be done with all you need to set up on Lazada!

It’s time to explore the promotion tools available for you. Find most of them on the Promotions page under Marketing Center.

Also check the Campaigns page and start taking part in campaigns. This can help you increase your store visibility and followership.

Most importantly, remember to click on “Traffic Tools” to check on Seller Picks availability. Seller Picks are free slots awarded to sellers on Lazada. Once a slot is awarded to you, you need to use it. Or else, Lazada will remove this privilege from you. So, remember to always boost your products on Seller Picks whenever given slots to do so!


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