Create an Impressive Lazada Store Design even if you only have 1 product

lazada store design

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lazada store design

If you are a serious seller and genuinely want to build an audience on Lazada, then doing up a decent looking Lazada store design is a must. This is especially so in a season when there is little trust in online shopping, and if you are a totally new seller with no reviews at all for your products. What’s going to stand out would be how you design your product description page, as well as how to work on your Lazada store design.

These are what you can do to create an impressive Lazada store design even if you only have 1 product.

1. Create Voucher Banners for Lazada Store Design

lazada store design

You can create multiple types of vouchers on Lazada even if you are only selling 1 product. You can create a banner to showcase all the various types of vouchers available.

You can then use a Multi-Clickable area banner module to upload the banner onto your Lazada store.

The Multi-Clickable area banner allows you to set different areas (hotspots) to link to different URLs when clicked on. This means that your vouchers are actually linked to their respective URLs.

You can link your hotspot area to different types of URLs as offered by Lazada as below. You cannot link out of Lazada.

lazada store design

A little tip when uploading banners onto Lazada store backend: If your banner is a single banner with 1 click to link to a URL, design is with 1200px width (Lazada allows a height of between 50px and 2500px). If your banner is either not clickable or is a multi-clickable one, a 1920px width (full width banner) will look very much nicer.

2. Create a Product Feature Single Banner for Lazada Store Design

You can design a huge single banner, and make full use of your vertical space (imagine mobile view).

A reasonable dimension for this single banner can be 1200 width X 1800 height. The examples above are of this dimension. If you have more details to add, you may go all the way to a 2500 px height.

Remember to link this banner to your product page.

3. Use Clickable Video for Lazada Store Design

Clickable Video is new feature that Lazada has included.

Before Clickable Video, there was a Video function that allows you to upload a video on your store page.

With Clickable video, it’s basically the same thing but you may now add a link to your video. Your customers may click on the video to get to our link.

The links options are exactly the same as those offered in the “Multi-Clickable area banner” module.

lazada store design

When uploading your video, make sure the video duration is less than 301 seconds.

4. Create a Brand Promise Banner for Lazada Store Design

I mentioned using brand promise banner for Lazada Lorikeet Design.

You may recycle the same banner design for your store too. Having a brand promise builds trust with your audience and repeating it both on your store as well as on Lorikeet reinforces the message you want your audience to know.

5. Use the Text Module for Lazada Store Design

Lazada’s text module for Store Design looks really nice compared to the one at Lorikeet.

So, make full use of the text module.

You can use it as a Welcome text, or as a little shout-out or an ending text after brand promise.


Lazada Store Design is a necessary step if you want to establish yourself as a trustworthy seller. So, there’s no excuse for not doing up your store design even if you are only selling 1 product on Lazada.

Feel free to check out our Lazada Store Redesign service (SGD500 only), if you need to just save time and outsource this part. 🙂


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