9 Types of Vouchers Smart Sellers Create to Increase Lazada Sales in 2022

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If you want to increase Lazada sales, you need to make better use of Lazada’s promotional tools for sellers. Lazada is always working on their tools to keep up with eCommerce best practices so sellers may increase Lazada sales by using these tools. Make sure you have explored all of Lazada’s tools first, before you look into spending on advertisements. I always encourage my clients to reward customers first.

increase lazada sales

All Lazada vouchers settings may be found under “Promotions”, under “Marketing Center”. The settings are quite standard. You will need to set in a minimum spend amount for the voucher to be eligible for use.

You can offer either a percentage discount or a dollar discount.

You will also need to set in a Voucher Redeem Period. Lazada only allows 180 days between first and last day of redemption. This means that you cannot create a voucher that lasts forever.

The easier way to ensure your voucher does not expire, is to set all vouchers to expire on 30th June and 31st December of each year. So, every 1 July and 1 Jan, you will need to recreate your vouchers.

You may create vouchers for entire store or for selected products only.

You can also fix the total number of vouchers to be issued, and voucher limit per customer.

1. Store New Follower Voucher – build followers to increase Lazada sales

New Follower Voucher is a must!

If you do not have enough margins to create other vouchers, at the very least create the follower voucher. The follower voucher not only encourages your customers to follow you, it also encourages them to buy from you. It is a very immediate effect from collecting a voucher – they want to be able to use it.

2. Store New Buyer Voucher – build customer base to increase Lazada sales

Store New Buyer voucher encourages visitors to make the first purchase on your store. You may be wondering what’s the difference between the Store follower voucher and the new buyer voucher. They are quite similar, other than the fact that one requires you to follow while the latter does not. For the New Buyer Voucher, it will be automatically deducted for you once you purchase from the store, without having to do anything from your end.

3. Share Voucher – increase visibility to increase Lazada sales

Credits: lazada.sg

The share voucher is another relatively new initiative by Lazada. So far, it’s not been very widely used yet.

For this share voucher, you will need to create a main voucher and a sub voucher. The main voucher is rewarded to the customer who shares your store, while the sub voucher can be collected by their friends via their social media sharing of your store.

The share voucher should be quite effective if your store target audience has a strong community. For example, baby products. When one Mummy shares the Lazada store with the other Mummies (and Mummies usually have chat groups), they are likely to click to claim their vouchers.

4. Review Voucher – build quality reviews to increase Lazada sales

You can create review vouchers in the category of “Other Vouchers”. The “Other Vouchers” voucher setup function allows you to control visibility of your vouchers.

In the case of review vouchers, you need it to be stored at your backend and not publicly visible to anyone.

You can reward your customers with the vouchers when you chat with them. At the right panel of your chat window, you can click on “Voucher” and select the voucher to send to your customer.

When you send out your parcel, you can insert a nice review voucher card to encourage your customer to write a review for you.

The reason for using reviews voucher is to encourage your customers to not only review your products but also to include images and/or videos. Reviews that have images and/or videos will be fed to your followers. This will strengthen your brand image more. All reviews will automatically appear on your product page, and this will also be helpful for new customers to decide to buy. Lastly, the number of reviews will show up with your product thumbnail on Lazada’s search page, and this will also help to get more clicks into your product description page.

5. Service Recovery Voucher – retain customers to increase Lazada sales

We hope to never have to use this voucher, but it’s always better to be prepared.

Things happen.

In the event we need to appease our customers, we can always dish our the Service Recovery Voucher as a last redeeming chance.

As with the Review Voucher, you can create the Service Recovery Voucher under “Other Vouchers”. Likewise, you do not want this voucher to be visible to public, only for sending to specific customers via chat.

You can create a variety of Service Recovery Voucher (if you like), to allow yourself more options.

How does it increase Lazada sale, you may ask? Well, we hope the voucher is attractive enough to appease the customer to continue to purchase from the store.

6. Regular Vouchers – build basket size to increase Lazada sales

Regular vouchers are vouchers that everyone can see and use. Anyone who collects the vouchers may use them automatically when they add products to cart.

The purpose of creating regular vouchers is to encourage your customers to increase their basket size. For example, $5 off for min spend of $80 and then $11 off for min spend of $120. This will push a customer who has a $76 basket size to make 1 more purchase to hit the $80 min spend, or customer with a $110 basket size will be motivated to hit $120 basket size.

Exactly how much to offer and at what min spend will depend on your products pricing and customers behavior. You can always play around with the numbers until you hit an optimal combination for your store.

7. Store Pickup Voucher – draw the crowd to your store

There are 2 reasons why you want to offer a store pickup voucher.

The first reason is that shipping will cost the seller money, even if the buyer is paying for shipping fees too! So, encouraging store pickup by customers will save you that amount of money.

Second, by encouraging store pickup you are bringing the traffic from Lazada directly to your store. At the store, you are given another chance to cross sell products to the customers, or even sign them up for membership.

Smart Voucher is a type of voucher that Lazada automatically pre-fill criteria and discount for you based on your sales performance, aiming to help you increase your Revenue.

It works like a Regular voucher, just that the minimum spend and discount amount has already been pre-filled for you, and you won’t be able to edit those fields.

You may simply attempt to create a Smart Voucher and then decide if the amount pre-filled works for you. This is just a recommended voucher setting, you do not necessarily need to use it or follow it.

9. Campaign Voucher – Increase Lazada sales during campaigns

Campaign vouchers creation are found at the Campaign page, under “Voucher Campaign”.

They usually come with certain requirements.

This is one example of a requirement:

Voucher Discount Requirement: min $2 / 3%
Maximum Min. Order Spend: <=$3000
Min. Voucher Budget: >=$50
Min. Voucher Quantity: >=300

You will need to make sure you read the requirements properly before filling in the fields after you have agreed to join the campaign.

Sellers who join voucher campaign during campaign seasons like 6.6 or 11.11 will definitely have an edge over those who don’t when it comes to purchasing decisions by buyers.


These are options for you, and you use them according to your needs and margin limitations.

During campaigns, campaign voucher is not the only promotion you can offer. You may participate in the campaign sale as well, and flexi combo, as well as Lazada Bonus Program. All these can eat into your margins, not to forget your payment fees and delivery fees.

Therefore, proceed with care. Explore the options above and do what’s best for your store.


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