5 Things You Should Know about Lazada Lorikeet 2022

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You may be feeling quite perplexed about Lazada Lorikeet. What exactly is Lorikeet? You ask. Well, Lorikeet is a term specific to a feature within Lazada’s product listing page. It is another way to fill in the “Long Description” field in the product listing page. Failure to complete Lazada Lorikeet will keep you away from an Excellent Content Score. I’ve compiled here everything you need to know about Lazada Lorikeet, and there are a total of 5. Here goes.

1. What is Lorikeet?

lazada lorikeet

Lazada Lorikeet is the decorated product description on the product page. They are mostly image files with some texts. They make full use of organized visual effects to bring out the features of the product.

2. Why is Lorikeet Important?

lazada lorikeet

According to Lazada, enriching your products with detailed product information using Lazada Lorikeet helps guide your customer’s purchase decision and increases conversion rate by 30% on average.

3. How to use Lorikeet?

lazada lorikeet

At the product listing backend, the default selection for Description is Rich Text.

You will need to select “Lorikeet” first.

lazada lorikeet

A window will appear, recommending you some templates you may work upon.

However, it’s easier to start with a blank template, because then you can really have free flow of creativity to design according to your brand style.

You should then click on the + on the first blank template.

You will then be brought to the Lorikeet creation window.

You can click on the orange plus button.

You will then see 3 icons appearing.

The first icon is useful if you need to use an embedding html code.

The second icon is the image upload icon.

The third icon is for text creation.

If you click on the Image Upload icon, you will see a box appearing.

At the right side, you will also see an Edit Content panel appearing.

Within the box in the main window, there is already one image module for you to upload your image. You can simply click on it to see the upload button.

Therefore, there is no need to add any new elements from the Edit Content panel.

It is not recommended to add too many elements into one space.

Try to keep your design clean with a single column.

You can create up to 10 modules, so you have plenty of vertical space you can make full use of.

After you’ve uploaded your image, you realize that it may not fit exactly into your module window.

You will need to adjust both your module height (under the Edit Content panel) as well as image size to fit it into the module window nicely.

The way to adjust the module height is really through trial and error. Change the number according to whether you need it longer or shorter until you find the right pixel height.

4. What should I do if I do not have any image files for Lazada Lorikeet?

You can design your own Lazada Lorikeet using Canva.

You can set the width to 1200px, and then decide on the height as according to how you want to create your design.

It is recommended to upgrade your Canva account to Canva Pro for a minimal payment.

Canva Pro gives you access to a huge library of stock images and graphics for your design work, all free!

So, if your target audience is children, you can simply use any of the children photos from Canva Pro to add to your banner, to design a more appealing and engaging image banner.

You can also use the features of your product to design them into an engaging visual.

This will definitely beat simply listing them down as texts, because consumers are getting very used to reading from visuals instead of plain texts.

5. Must I design Lazada Lorikeet for all my product listings?

Yes you are highly encouraged to.

It is not easy and requires alot of work, yes. But it definitely pays to do so!

To make it easier for yourself, you should try to think of a format for your entire brand. This is the standard format that all your products will follow. Having a format makes the work much easier because it reduces the need to think of format for each and every product individually.

Try to think of the similarities among all products. Following Dyson’s example in above image, ask yourself if you need to show case a “In the Box” section, or if you have key features to show for every of your product. Having the same type of sections for all your products help.

As Lazada requires at least 3 images and about 30 words in your Lazada Lorikeet, you can follow the format as below as well:

First image for product name and key features.

Second image for more features of your product.

Third image is a standard image for all products, and it will be about the brand.

Use the texts for a more personal message like “Thank you for shopping with us. Feel free to chat with us if you have any questions. All our products are authentic and come with warranty and certifications.”

If you need any help with Lorikeet, please check out our Lazada Store Redesign Service that includes Lorikeet design for 50 products.


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