8 Popular Questions about Selling on Lazada 2022

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These are the questions we receive when we meet clients who intend to sell on Lazada. Selling on Lazada can be intimidating and scary when you are unsure who you can approach for support. We are here to guide you with this FAQ list. Feel free to comment or just Whatsapp Ada to check if you have any questions about selling on Lazada.

1. Who can sell on Lazada?

You can sell on Lazada as an individual or a company. You will need to be a local or have a local company to sell on your local Lazada.

Lazada has presence in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and Philippines.

If you have a China-based company, you can sell on Lazada cross border (Global Selling Platform). This means that you can sell on Lazada at all 6 countries. In this situation, you will need to send your items to Lazada’s warehouse for delivery to customer.

For Singapore sellers, you may want to find out more about IRAS’s tax guide to stay compliant to the law for online sellers.

2. What do you need to sell on Lazada?

To sign up as a seller, you will need to use a mobile number that has not been previously registered as Lazada seller. You will also need to key in your email address.

If you’re registering as an individual, you will need to prepare photos of your ID both front and back, as well as a photo of the top of your bank account statement where you can see your account name (according to your ID) as well as the bank account number.

You will need to fill in the details from your ID and bank account in the given fields too.

If you’re registering as a company, you will need to copy a pdf copy of your ACRA (for Singapore businesses) or equivalent for your country if you are selling on Lazada in other countries. You will also need to take a photo of your bank account statement where you can see your account name (name of your company) as well as the bank account number.

3. What’s the cost of selling on Lazada?

If you’re on Lazada marketplace, you do not pay commission, but you will need to pay for payment fees and shipping fees.

Payment fees is 2% of what is charged to the customer. You can find an example scenario calculation provided by Lazada here:

selling on lazada payment fees
Credit: lazada.sg

If you are using Lazada’s shipping default partner (Ninja Van), here’s the shipping fees involved:

sell on Lazada shipping fees
Credit: lazada.sg

As you can see, shipping fees will be split between customer and seller.

The above shipping table is only applicable for Lazada’s 3PL standard shipping by Ninja Van. You can deliver on your own (use the option “Delivered By Seller” also known as DBS) or park your products at Lazada’s warehouse to pack and deliver for you (use the option “Fulfilment By Lazada” also known as FBL).

4. How do I send my products to my customers?

selling on lazada order fulfilment process flow
Credit: lazada.sg
  • By SingPost – your products must be below 0.6kg to be eligible for Singpost delivery. You will need to bring your parcel to SingPost on your own.
  • By Ninja Van – your products must be 0.6kg to 30kg to be eligible for Ninja Van. You can request for Ninja Van pickup or choose to deliver your parcel to Ninja Van for delivery.
Credit: lazada.sg
  • In store Pickup – if you have a storefront, you can allow for your customers to select instore pickup after they have made their purchase on Lazada.
  • Fulfilment by Lazada – you can communicate with Lazada team to have your products parked at their warehouse, and Lazada will pack and send your orders for you.
  • Delivered by Seller – if your products are heavier than 30kg, require installation or belong to the category of dangerous goods, then you will be allowed to deliver them on your own.

5. How will Lazada pay me?

When you set up your store on Lazada, you will need to submit your official documents with your bank account details. You will also be required to set up a Seller Wallet on Lazada. After that, Lazada will automatically send your earnings into your bank account every Monday of the week. You can refer to your Account Statement to check on payment settlement status.

6. What’s the difference among Lazada marketplace, Lazmall and Redmart?

Lazada marketplace does not charge sellers commission. They include the widest range of sellers – overseas and locals. There’s zero eligibility criteria to get on Lazada marketplace. You just need to sign up, list your products and start selling.

Lazmall is a branded platform that promises buyers that all products and sellers are 100% authentic, and there is quality guarantee. Therefore, buyers are allowed to return products without any reason. Lazmall also charge sellers commission of 5%. It’s still worthwhile to try to list on Lazmall because you easily gain the trust of buyers.

Redmart used to be an online supermarket that got acquired by Lazada. They are now on Lazada platform selling groceries. Individual sellers can still get on Redmart, but all items on Redmart need to be delivered by Lazada under the “Fulfilment By Lazada” delivery.

7. Should I sell on Lazada if I already have my own eCommerce store?

Yes you definitely should! Even if you have built quite a sizeable audience on your own platform or social media account, Lazada can definitely provide you more visibility with all the campaigns they are running and their huge marketing budget. On top of that, Lazada partners with different organizations to benefit their buyers more. Some of them may have credit card cashback, and if you do not have a presence on Lazada, you lose out on buyers who like to benefit from many of Lazada’s promotions.

8. How many products do I need to have to list on Lazada?

We recommend at least 10 SKUs. So, if you have only 2 products, try to create another 8 with different combinations of these 2 products.

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