How to Improve Lazada Sales in 2022 – The Most Comprehensive Cheat Sheet for Lazada Singapore

how to improve lazada sales - product thumbmail design

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If you are selling on Lazada and need a comprehensive Cheat Sheet on how to improve Lazada sales for your store, you have come to the right place. Most of the suggestions here are free so you do not have to worry about any additional “investments” before your sales come in.

1. Get Excellent for Product Score

how to improve lazada sales - excellent product score

When you upload your products on Lazada, you will be given a product score. The best product score you can get is “Excellent”. Getting an “Excellent” product score can maximize your exposure on Lazada search results. Here’s what you need to do to achieve “Excellent” product score (on top of filling in all required fields with the red asterix).

a. At least 3 product images under Basic Information

how to improve lazada sales - 3 product images

If you only have 1 product image for your product, do not fret. You can use this 1 product image to design 2 more images with wordings like “Sale!” or “Benefits”. If your product is a high resolution product, you can showcase a zoomed in portion that is of interest to your audience, eg. model number.

Usually, we create a special design for 1 thumbnail image – the one that appears in search result and designed to look inviting for your audience to click into. This thumbnail image will take up 1 image. You have the original image that will be the 2nd one, and the last will be a more descriptive image with possibly a zoomed in look or with benefits wordings. That solves your problem.

You may have realized that some sellers use videos as well, and when you browse on your mobile the video will appear as the thumbnail image. This video also follows your screen as you scroll down. You can easily use Canva to create product videos using images if you like. However, for now, not having videos will not affect your product score at all. So, product video is still optional.

b. Fill in Key Attributes (as many as possible)

After you have assigned a category to your product, there will be additional key attributes fields for you to fill in. Try your best to fill all of them in as best as you can. Fill in enough key attributes can get you to an Excellent score. If you do not see any fields to key in, try clicking on a “Show More” blue text.

c. Fill in the Long Description (Lorikeet)

how to improve lazada sales - use lorikeet

Lorikeet is compulsory to get you to Excellent product score. According to Lazada, Lorikeet description can help you improve conversion by 30% by average. Within Lorikeet, you will need at least 1 image and 1 textbox with at least 30 words.

It’s always easier to start from a blank template instead of using the pre-designed templates. However, if you have found one pre-designed template that’s really close to your style feel free to use one of those and edit from there.

Below the Lorikeet field, you will also see a “Short Description” text box. You may need to click on the “Show More” blue text for the “Short Description” text box to show up. This is not compulsory for you to get to Excellent Product Score. However, we would still encourage you to fill in this text box and use bullet points to segregate your sentences. This will show up nicely on your product front end on Lazada. Some customers prefer to read the details in the short description first before scrolling down to the Lorikeet description that contains more visuals.

2. Work on your Product Thumbnail Design

how to improve lazada sales - product thumbmail design

Your product thumbnail is the image that appears on Lazada’s listing page and search page. Before you start on your product thumbnail design, do a good research on Lazada with some keyword search related to your product and find out how your competitors have designed their thumbnails. Then, try to have your thumbnail outshine theirs. If your competitors have very messy thumbnails, create yours to be clean and white. If they have very plain ones, create yours with strong relevant colors to stand out. You can do this research about twice a year to ensure that your thumbnail continues to stand out.

Work on your product thumbnail design because this is usually your entrance to more buyers. This is the first step to get organic buyers from the marketplace.

3. Use a Good Product Title

For Product Title, Lazada requires at least 10 characters and provides a maximum space of 255 characters. If you want to use brand differentiation, include the brand name in front of the product title. After the brand name, put in the name of your product, and then include the model / color or any other attributes after the name.

The inclusion of model, color and other attributes help your product to appear more for search terms while the brand name right in front help your audience to identify your brand and click onto it.

4. Work on your Store Design

how to improve lazada sales - store design

A properly done store design gives a good impression to your audience about your brand. This is especially so if you are a new seller, and need to build trust. This is one free way, even before anyone has started purchasing on your store.

To start working on your store design, simply go to “Store” > “Store Decoration”. Then, click on “Edit” under Store Homepage.

Lazada has a great variety of tools for you to use to design your store via a simple drag and drop function. You just need to take note of the dimensions required for your desired banner type and create them using Canva.

5. Issue Vouchers

how to improve lazada sales - issue vouchers

Lazada has a variety of vouchers for us to issue to our audience. The most widely used is the Followers Voucher. This voucher will be given to anyone who follows your store, automatically. You don’t even need to do anything! You may set a min spend sum and offer a voucher for either a fixed amount or a percentage of your sale. Eg. $5 off min spend $100. This not only encourages your audience to follow, it also encourages them to increase their basket size to be able to enjoy the voucher given.

Other voucher types for you to explore are the “Store New Buyer Voucher” – it encourages visitors to make the first purchase on your store (assuming they had followed you previously and collected a voucher that had expired).

There’s also the “Share Voucher” – encourages customers to invite their friends on social networks to browse and buy from your store.

Lastly, there’s a “Smart Voucher” – automatically pre-fill criteria and discount for you on your sales.

On top of these vouchers, you can also create your own type to give out for any event or sales that you may have! For example, you may want to push out a certain category of products and decide that only this category is eligible for a 50% off for your members.

6. Use Free Shipping Promotion

how to improve lazada sales - free shipping

Free shipping promotion has always had an effect on basket size. Use Lazada’s free shipping tool to set in a minimum spend amount to be eligible for free shipping.

7. Join Campaigns

Join as many campaigns as you can find. If you are a new seller, not all campaigns will be open for you. Therefore, you need to join as many as you are eligible to. Joining campaigns definitely help in visibility. Just be very careful to read the terms and conditions of each campaign carefully, know how much discounts you are exactly giving out for each campaign. Some campaigns demand not only a sale price but a voucher as well.

8. Use Seller Picks

how to improve lazada sales - seller picks

Seller picks are extra visibility slots awarded to sellers. They usually appear at the bottom pages of each search page. Seller picks selection can be found at your Lazada backend, under “Traffic Tools”. The quota for seller picks for each seller refreshes every week at 3:30pm Monday.

To be eligible for seller picks, seller rating must be greater than 70%, instant messaging response rate higher than 85%, there must be more than 3 active store SKUs, and the seller store must be decorated. Number of seller picks slots given depends on your sales performance.

If you are eligible for seller picks, you must select which products to showcase as soon as possible. Sellers who do not select their products for seller picks will have that privilege taken away.

9. Encourage Order Reviews

After your buyer has received your product, the buyer can write a review for your product and include a video or image of the purchase. You can encourage your buyers to write a review for you (preferably with image or video) so that these reviews will appear in your product description page. This will encourage new customers to have better faith in your products and be more willing to purchase them.

To encourage buyers to write a review for you, you can create special discount coupons and offer them to those who have sent in reviews. These vouchers may be sent via Lazada chat to your buyers.

10. Use Customer Engagement Feed

The Feed function under Engagement Center allows you to send new updates to your store followers. This helps your followers to remember you, and also allows you to remind them of new vouchers, sale events or new products that you have uploaded. Lazada allows you to create up to 10 posts per day. You can either publish your post immediately, or schedule another date and time for publishing.

There’s also an auto posting function in Feed. Posts sent out via auto-posting do not count into the 10 posts quota. If you switch on the auto-posting function, Lazada will automatically send out a post to your followers to announce new arrivals whenever you upload new items on your store.

If you have done all of the above, be patient. It takes time for your store traffic to take traction. Always continue to learn and improve on your design and listings. Also, Lazada is working hard to release new promotional methods. In time to come you can try out Lazlive, and other customer engagement functions that will be opened to you. There will also be Sponsored solutions you can use in the near future. Therefore, keep staying engaged and keep bringing in new products.

All the best :)


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