Salesforce Camp Success 2019 – PwC’s Journey to Digital Enablement

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Salesforce organised its first ever Camp Success in Singapore to share more about its products with its users.

I was excited to hear from PwC about their Salesforce implementation journey. PwC has partners across 158 countries with more than 267k employees, out of which there will be more than 52k Salesforce users. It is massive. I was particularly interested to learn how they rolled it out, as well as the challenges they faced along the way.

The lead consultant of PwC Singapore was invited to share the journey. She started her sharing with the video below.

PwC’s Goals

In its implementation of Salesforce, PwC had 3 goals in mind:

  • Build stronger, more trusted relationships with clients
  • Save employees’ time
  • Improve sales discipline to increase pipeline and wins

Here’s why PwC chose Salesforce to work with –

The slide below speaks for itself –

From the very beginning, PwC was committed to focus on their PEOPLE first, before the TECHNOLOGY.

They drew out 5 critical truths about PEOPLE to guide their global journey, and worked out their journey with these truths in mind every step of the way.

  • People are different – Tailor learning experiences
  • People get bored – Make it interactive
  • People don’t change overnight – create a movement
  • People follow leaders – Accountability and ownership
  • People expect technology to be easy to use – Automate the mundane

Tailor Learning Experiences

Make it interactive

The speaker was very kind to share not only what they did but HOW they did it. We can watch out for some of these third party applications that PwC used to implement their various plans – Heroku for Gamification, WalkMe for In context learning and fun! (have yet to find the link, will update when I figured it out) for Game based learning.

Create a Movement

Accountability and Ownership

Automate the Mundane

Automate data entry work with Introhive

Accelerate adoption: Dedicated transition approach

  • Adoption liaisons assigned to each territory to share insights and lessons learned
  • Dedicated territory change teams tasked with using global assets to accelerate and standardize local adoption
  • Early planning to establish “business as usual” to make sure knowledge transfer and resources were in place prior to the go-live

Conduct continuous measurement of users via Einstein Analytics

By the end of the speech, we were even more convinced that the entire digital integration process for every organization involves alot of effort in helping individuals adopt.

For PwC, they have Champions from various departments who will be given first-hand access to new releases, and they will be the ones who would champion the use of Salesforce in their own teams. They would also be the ones to represent their teams to voice out any user-pains they may be facing.

The consulting team within each PwC country were put together to focus on Salesforce implementation. They were not distracted by any other roles, so they could commit all their energy to ensure the success of Salesforce implementation. Some of the tasks they needed to work on, on a day to day basis can even include sitting down with a top management personnel to guide him through adding his contact data to Salesforce. PwC is indeed committed to ensure their investment in Salesforce makes business sense for their future.


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