DIY eCommerce Day 26 Explaining Publish Conditions

Short 1 min YouTube video tutorial

Everytime you Publish a Theme Builder Template, a Condition page will open up for you to set your conditions for this template to appear.

If you have published a template before and need to edit your conditions, simply click on the arrow button beside the “Update” button.

When you click on that little arrow, you will see 3 options. You can save this draft. You can get to Conditions Page. You can save this as a template to be used for other pages if you like. Select “Display Conditions”.

At the Conditions Page, you can use “Include” or “Exclude”. You can include a category but exclude some pages within that category.

For header and footer, we usually just include “Entire Site”, then exclude any landing page next time if you do not want it to look like the rest of the website. You can do so by adding another Condition to exclude the landing page that you have created.

You can set conditions down to every single page. This means that you are able to customize every page to look different. However, try to use this more for “Exclude”, meaning you have all other pages with the same template but you just need to exclude one. This makes more sense for theme builder templates.

Feel free to share your work with us in the comments below or ask questions! :)

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