DIY eCommerce Day 24: Customize your Website Header with Elementor Pro Part 7 Inserting the Nav Menu Element

Short 1 min YouTube video tutorial

I’ve created a new section and dragged the Nav Menu Element into the section. Click on the Nav Menu to see the Edit Panel appear at the left.

In the Layout Tab, you can select which menu you like to appear. My example shows only “Header Menu” as an option because that was the only menu I’ve created in “Appearance” > “Menu”. Refer to this:

At the Layout selection, you can decide to design a horizontal menu, vertical menu or a dropdown menu.

Select your pointer type. Pointer is what will show up when your mouse hovers over a menu name.

If your menu comes with sub menu items, click on the icon library at the submenu indicator to select an icon to show your audience that they may click to show submenu.

Use the “mobile dropdown” section to style how you want your menu to appear in mobile devices. If you set “breakpoint” to “mobile”, your menu will show up as it is on tablets and only show up as hamburger on mobile.

Feel free to share your work with us in the comments below or ask questions! :)

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