DIY eCommerce Day 19: Customize your Website Header with Elementor Pro Part 2: Edit a Section

Short 1 min YouTube video on editing a section in Elementor Editor

We’re now editing the Header in Elementor Pro Theme Builder.

You may get to Header editing page via “Templates” > “Theme Builder” > “Header” > “Add New”.

Cross out the library recommendations and get to the editor page. View the previous video on how to add a section.

After you have added a Section, the “Edit Section” panel will appear at the left hand side of the screen.

If you do not see the Edit Section panel, simply click on the section you would like to edit and you will see 3 blue icons appear at the top of the section. Select the middle icon to view the “Edit Section” panel.

Set a Full Width Section

A full width section will stretch from one side of the screen to another, with no white space at all at the sides. This is how a full width section will look like:

To set your section to full width, under “Layout” set the content width to “Full width”. Then, select “Yes” for “Stretch Section”.

Boxed Section

A boxed section is not full width. There will be white space at both sides of the screen. The products display section below is an example of a boxed section.

Boxed section is a default setting. However, you may choose the select your content width if you have to use Boxed content width:

You may explore the other layout options for section editing. However, they may be more useful after your elements are in the section.

Feel free to share your work with us in the comments below or ask questions! :)

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