DIY eCommerce Day 8: Create Products Categories and Tags on WooCommerce

YouTube 1 min short video on creating products categories and tags on WooCommerce

This video guides you through creating products categories and tags on WooCommerce. We recommend creating categories and tags first before uploading products, because you will need to select your categories and tags on the products creation page. This step coming in first will ease later steps.

Products categories and tags work quite the same. We recommend using categories as your default, especially if you intend to have sub categories.


Go to “Products” > “Categories”.

Create the main categories first, then the sub categories. This is because, when you create your sub categories you need to select from existing parent categories in the dropdown field.

You do not need to insert “slug” and you may ignore “Display Type”. It’s optional but encouraged to fill in the description and insert an appropriate representative image for each category as it helps with your design work later.


You may use Tags to group your products separately. For example, if you are selling apparels and you have created categories like “Tops”, “Shirts”, “Blouse”, Tank Tops”, etc You may create colour tags to allow your audience to shop by colours. So, you may create a “Red” tag that can pull out all red apparels regardless of category. You may also want to create price tags, eg. Below $20 as a tag.

You may either pre-create your tags, or simply create them while uploading your products. We recommend you pre-create your tags so that they may be more organized.

Go to “Products” > “Tags”.

Create your tags here.

We do not recommend you use “sub tags”. Note that the difference between categories and tags is that for categories, there’s the parent category dropdown field. So, anything that requires a sub categorization should go under categories and not tags.

Feel free to share your work with us in the comments below or ask questions! :)

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