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DIY eCommerce Day 11: Upsell and Cross sell products on WooCommerce

YouTube 1 min short video on linking products for upsell and cross sell on WooCommerce

This video guides you on how to link your products to upsell and cross sell.

Linking your products for recommendations on the right pages can help you increase your total basket price and size. We highly recommend you to spend a little more time to work on links.

However, do ensure that the links are appropriate and not too random.

Do note that cross sell products appear on cart page. This means that the more products you have on cart page, the more cross sell products will appear. Therefore, be more carefully with cross sell linking. Do not randomly link too many products.

Before this step, make sure that you are done with uploading all the products you need to upload.

Upsell Products

Upsell products are the more expensive recommendations you want to introduce to your customers, instead of the one they’re currently viewing. They will appear on the product page itself.

Cross sell Products

Cross sell products are generally complementary items you want to recommend to your customers after deciding to purchase an item. Eg. someone who has added coffee to cart may be recommended sugar or coffee cup. Cross sell products usually appear at the View Cart page.

To assign up sell and cross sell products for each product, go to the “Linked Products” Tab at the product uploading page.

In both the upsell and cross sell fields, simply key in some keywords in the product title of the products you want to link to. A dropdown selection will appear based on your keyword for you to choose from. There’s generally no limit of items you want to assign for each field. However, be careful not to assign too many for cross sell as it may crowd up your cart page if a customer orders many products. Also, the effect may be lost of too many products are selected.

For upsell items, do make sure to only select more expensive items for upsell.

Do the same for all your products.

Feel free to share your work with us in the comments below or ask questions! :)

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