DIY eCommerce Day 10: Create Products Variations on WooCommerce store

YouTube 1 min short video on creating product variations on WooCommerce

This video guides you through creating product attributes and variations on your WooCommerce store. It’s useful for you if you have products with different colors, sizes, or bundles and you want to create dropdowns for your customers to choose from.

They may come in different pricing and stock numbers.


At the “Add New” product page, scroll down until you see the row “Product Data”. Click on the dropdown and select “Variable Product”.


Click on the “Attributes” Tab.

Click the “Add” button.

Fill in the attribute name, eg. Size.

Fill in the values and separate them with | . Example: S | M | L

Check both “visible on product page” and “use as variation”.

Then, save attribute.

You may feel free to create more attributes, eg. Color. Do the same and save.


Click on the “Variations” Tab.

In the dropdown, select “Create variations from all attributes” and click the Go button.

All the variations will appear.

Click on each variation to open it up to input its information, eg. price, stock, etc.

Remember to save and update the product page, or publish it.

Feel free to share your work with us in the comments below or ask questions! :)

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