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[WooCommerce Store] How to Use WooCommerce Cross Sell, Upsell and Related Products Features

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WooCommerce comes with Cross Sell, Upsell and Related Products Features. It is highly recommended that every serious eCommerce business make full use of these features to push out more products to your audience. This blog will detail how to use all 3 of them.

First, let’s understand what exactly are these 3 features and what’s the difference among them.

Cross Sell products are complementary products. They do not belong to the same category. One example would be coffee and milk. If someone buys coffee, you may cross sell milk as milk complements with coffee. Another example would be dining table and dining chairs. If someone buys a dining table you may select matching dining chairs to cross sell. Therefore, cross sell recommendations usually appear at the cart page, after your audience has decided on what to buy.

Upsell products are usually the more expensive ones that you like to recommend. Naturally your most expensive product within the category will likely not have any upsell recommendations. So, if someone is browsing stools, you may like to upsell a chair. If someone is browsing cheap wine, you may want to recommend more expensive range and take a chance the person may change his mind and select the more expensive one. Upsell recommendations usually appear at the Product Description page when your audience is still deciding.

Related products usually come from the same category. However, sometimes the WooCommerce default Related Product Feature pulls out recommendations too randomly you can’t even figure how these products are related! Therefore, we highly recommend installing this free plugin instead: Related Products for WooCommerce – WordPress plugin | (If you are currently using our eCommerce Website Design DIY Pack, this plugin would have been included and you will not need to install anything). This plugin allows you better control on how you like to select your related products. You may select based on category selection, tag selection or manual selection by products. So, one example how some products may be related could be by country of origin, or brand.

Before you work on these features, you should aim to upload as many products as possible in a single category. This is because, in order for any of these features to work, the products we upload need to be linked. If there is too little products, then we end up always linking the same products together and that will not look too good on the front end.

Now, assuming that you have uploaded many SKUs onto your website. Go back to the first SKU on your list. Click Edit. Then, scroll down to see “Linked Products” under the Section “Product Data”. At this “Linked Products” section, you can see the fields to fill for “Upsells” and “Cross sells”. For these 2 fields, simply key in the title of the products you like to input and a selection will be shown to you in a dropdown. Just select those you want to input from the dropdown. As for the related products segment, you may select based on Category or tag or manual selection by product. You only need to fill in 1 of these 3 fields.

Once you are done filling in the “Linked Products” for all SKUs, you will see them appearing at the right place. Cross sell products will automatically show up at cart page.

Upsell products and Related products will be shown when you include the elements while designing your Single Product template. Example: Wall Hanging Cabinet – Ecommerce Showroom (

Hope this is helpful. Feel free to comment below if you have any questions on this. Have fun! 🙂


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