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[WooCommerce Store] Customizing WooCommerce Products Description page with Elementor Pro Theme Builder

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WooCommerce is a free eCommerce plugin for WordPress. It is highly recommended because it performs what’s required for every eCommerce business, but the only downside is its lack of design. If you are just using WooCommerce with WordPress you may get very frustrated with how little you can edit in terms of design, and how your Shopify competitors are rocking their websites with slick designs. You do not need to contend with your limitations here. Get our eCommerce Website Design DIY Pack and beat your Shopify competitors hands down with the Elementor Pro Theme Builder.

In the Elementor Pro Theme Builder, you find a Template called “Single Product”. By editing this Single Product template, you are fixing the layout of all product description pages on your website. If you’re asking – to what extend can I edit my WooCommerce Product Description page using Elementor Pro Theme Builder? We say – you can do it any way you like! There’s no limitation at all. You may decide on how many columns to display (though most websites will settle on 2 columns with image on one side and description on another). You may decide on what content to appear. In fact, if you decide to have image not appear at all, that can be done as well!

Let’s check out the special elements that will appear when you use the “Single Product” template. They are:

– WooCommerce Breadcrumbs (Breadcrumbs are hints as to how you end up on this product page. So, they likely will be showing up the (sub) categories this product belongs to, and how it leads up back to your Homepage)

– Product Title

– Product Images

– Product Price

– Add to Cart

– Product Rating

– Product Stock

– Product Meta (These are the meta data that will appear related to your product. It includes your SKU and the categories that has this product)

– Short Description

– Product Content (Long description)

– Product Data Tabs (Just another way to present your products content)

– Additional Information (This usually shows up your Product Attributes if your product is a variable product)

– Product Related

– Upsells

We usually try to utilize as many of these elements as possible as they are unique to the Product Description Page layout. For more information on Product Related and Upsells, do refer to this note: How to Use WooCommerce Cross Sell, Upsell and Related Products Features – Runaway Digital Solutions

Every single Element Editor comes with great customization for styling. You can add mouse over effects if you see the “Hover” option available (usually good for buttons and background color change). You can change the text font, size and color for any of the elements. On top of these products elements, you may also add any other elements you like to see! The Elementor Editor allows such high level of customization it beats any Shopify theme anytime.

Comment below if you see anything nice in Shopify theme that you are unable to execute using Elementor Pro. 🙂


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