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[WooCommerce Store] Why You Should not Hire a Programmer for your eCommerce Business

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If you are now looking for a programmer to set up an eCommerce website for you, pause and take a read. Reconsider.

Programmers are great resources to go to for customization. The really good ones help us write good codes to perform great functions – anything imaginable can be done in this day and age! It’s a matter of how much we want to invest in getting good programmers to work for our project. Why then, will we want to discourage everyone to hire programmers for eCommerce? Here are some reasons to consider:


Programmers can be costly – in both money and time. Writing codes that work takes time, especially if you have very customized and complicated requirements. It is more effective to get a good in house programmer to work on the project in phases. After your website is launched, you may still experience bugs or bad user interface you need to correct, and all these will mean more resources invested just to have your website looking decent. If you had hired a programmer to work on your project and the project has been completed, you will very likely need to find him back to fix some parts of the website that you feel are not working well at a later stage. He will charge you and you may not like to keep paying.

Lack of Design

A good programmer is usually not a good designer. When you hire a programmer, you will need to also find a designer to work with the programmer to get the website up. This means extra cost, more people to manage and more complications. You are unsure if your designer and programmer can work well together. You may need to spend alot more time trying to get things done your way and communicate your needs to both sides.

Lack of Support

No one likes to do free work, and no one likes to pay for a little bit of work too. When you outsource a programmer to work on your eCommerce website, this programmer leaves the project once it is completed, live and paid. He moves on to other projects. Your website is no longer his responsibility. However, the rest of the world has not stopped moving. Browsers get updated, requirements change, consumers taste change. Your website needs updates too! You can’t build a website and leave it alone forever. Someone needs to work on your website, constantly. Your outsourced programmer can do it for you, but he may charge you meticulously. It gets tiring and soon you find the website more a burden than a help. Again, in such a case, getting an in house programmer helps.

The Solution

We actually do not recommend getting an in-house programmer for small businesses.

We recommend that the business owner pick up website design skills, because it is definitely accessible now. Check out our eCommerce website design course, providing you with all the tools you require to get your eCommerce business live in 2 months, and teaching you all you need to maintain your website on your own.


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