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[eCommerce Business] Why should Small Business Owners learn Website Design

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Small business owners who sell products need to make some important decisions at some point in time, and one such decision would be the sales channel. In an expensive country like Singapore, most won’t be able to afford shop rentals. Many will ultimately operate as a fully online business, be it having its own website or tapping on marketplaces like Lazada and Shopee. Any business that begins to explore setting up their own eCommerce website come face to face with hefty costs involved – mainly design and computing costs. The average cost in Singapore for an eCommerce setup hovers around SGD 5,000. Do business owners really need to pay this much to own their own eCommerce stores? Not really. If you are a small business owner exploring having an eCommerce website, here are some reasons why you should learn website design and keep your operating cost low.

  1. Design is easy
    The situation today is totally unlike the past. We no longer need to learn how to use Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator in order to create a piece of digital design work. There’s Canva. Canva allows any layman to design anything for free! It is an extremely easy platform on cloud to use. Simply create an account and sign in from any device to create your designs.
  2. Site Builders are available
    Today, we have different site builders available – Shopify, Weebly, Wix, WordPress, etc.
    These site builders allow any layman to build a website without having to know a line of code!
  3. Don’t keep paying
    All eCommerce website need to be frequently updated with new content and new products. It helps if you do not have to pay someone to keep your website updated for you. In the event you decide to do some rebranding work, you should know how to easily change your main colors and fonts on your website. You should also be very good in changing seasonal promotional banners on your site, and even creating promotional coupons!
  4. Save time
    Design can be very subjective. When a project is passed to a team of developers and designers, alot of time is wasted on the design direction. It helps if the business owner does not need to give instructions on design but try his hands on figuring the design on its own. Sometimes, the best design is tinkered out! So, if you are able to play around with colours and see real time how your website turns out, the website may be completed much faster.

If you are a business owner keen to learn how to set up your own eCommerce website, check out our website design course on zoom, not limited to your country location!


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