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[WooCommerce Store] How to create a link to get to the middle of a page


You may have come across some links on some websites that direct you to a specific section within a page. For some, it could be a link that scroll you down to the middle of the same page, and for others to another page but a bottom section instead of the usual top section that shows up.

This may be created using the Menu Anchor Element within the Elementor Editor.

First, drag this element to the specific point you want the link to point to. Drag it to the top of a section if you like to point your audience to this section. Then, set the ID of this anchor. Give it an intuitive name that clearly refers to that section (so that you don’t get too confused with too many IDs).

After this, go to where you need to insert link and insert this link: (Change to your website address and change anchorID to the ID that you set for that anchor).

Try it, have fun! 🙂

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