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[WooCommerce Store] How to Create a Full Width Banner using Elementor


If you try to use the Image Element to create a full width banner and followed all the settings for full width content, you will still end up with a frustrating white border. Your image does not stretch across the screen like you would want it to be. To create a banner that stretches across the screen, follow this trick:

  1. Add a Section
  2. Edit this Section by clicking on the middle icon that appears with 2 others as you mouse over the section. This middle icon is the one with 6 dots. Click on it, and you will see the Edit Section sidebar appearing on your left.
  3. Set the Section as full-width and select “Yes” for Stretch Section.
  4. Under “Style” > Background, insert your banner image.
  5. Save it.

Now, you should see your image stretched across the screen.

Hope this helps, have fun! 🙂

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