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[WooCommerce Store] How to create Full Width Content on Elementor Site Builder


Full width content design is very popular these days and most of us will want to have full width design for our website. It is totally achievable on Elementor. There are a few things you need to check if, for some reason, you can’t seem to get your content to go full width. Here are some of the few places to edit to get to full-width.

  1. Content Section
    In the Elementor Edit Page, Mouse over your section border and you will see 3 icons appearing on the top of the section. Click on the middle icon that looks like 6 dots, 3 in a row. You will see the Edit Section column appear on your left. The first option for this Edit Section column is: Content Width. The default setting is “Boxed”. Change this to “Full Width”. Look downward to find another field called “Stretch Section” and select “Yes”.
  2. Content Position
    Click on the content (example a text box) and you see Edit Text Editor appearing on left column. Go to Advanced and find Position. Inside Position you will see an option “Width”, change it to “Full Width (100%)”.
  3. Page Attribute
    If you are editing a Page and can’t seem to get that page to stretch to full width, go to Edit Page. DO NOT click on the blue button that says Edit with Elementor. Instead, look to your right sidebar, make sure “Page” is selected instead of “Block” at the top of your right sidebar. Scroll down to see an option called “Page Attributes”, and click on it. Under “Template” change to “Elementor Full Width”. Save it.

If you had done the above 3, you should be able to achieve full width. Feel free to write to us below if you still can’t get to it.

Have fun! 🙂

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