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[eCommerce Business] DIY Design for Small Business (

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As a small business, cost cutting is crucial. One of the ways to do that would be to create your own design.

Perhaps, you are thinking of a nice logo design or a Facebook Cover, or an image to convey your brand message on Instagram. You may also be looking at designing some nice promo banners for your website, or marketplace store. You no longer have to pay a graphic designer to do the job for you.

Canva got you covered.

Canva is a free cloud based designing tool for everyone. There’s also Canva Pro where you get more access to more photos and illustrations. However, if you are just doing it for your own business, the free plan is good enough.

You do not need Photoshop or Illustrator skills to design nice stuff today! Get started with Canva.

Here’s a little guide to initiate you to Canva, if you are feeling slightly clueless.

  1. Canvas Size

    Your canvas is your “digital paper”. Before you design anything, you should have a rough idea of how big you like your canvas to be.

    For all digital designs, we use “Pixel” for measurement. So, if you are designing a post on Instagram (square is safe), it’s enough to set your size to 1500 px X 1500px.

    If you are intending to do up a full width website banner, it’s safe to start with a width of 1800px, and work with about 800px – 1200px for the height. You may set in the width and height, and if you do not like the proportion, simply play around with the numbers until you get what you want.

  2. Bring in your Product images

    You will usually like to put in some of your own images for your banners. Example if you are selling dresses, then you will probably be thinking of uploading an image of your dress and add in some fancy words that says “20% storewide discount”.

    To upload your image in an organised fashion, you should first create a new folder. You may like to name this folder “Feb 2021” or “CNY Dresses”. This makes it easier for you to find your uploads as you use Canva more.

    Then, upload your image into the folder. After the upload is completed, you may drag the image from the folder to your canvas and place it anywhere you like.

    If your dress has an ugly background, simply click on it, then click on “Effects” on top panel, then click on “Background Remover”. That should do the trick. If that doesn’t work you need images with better resolution.

  3. Decorate your banner

    After you have inserted your product onto the banner, feel free to use other photos or illustrations that come with Canva, free! Canva also has all types of fonts for you to play around with. Insert a nice background by simply dragging a photo onto your canva until it fits in automatically as a background.

    Canva comes with animated designs as well. You may still use them as images if you really like them, just that they won’t be animated if you save them as JPEG or PNG files. The animations will only work if the files are saved as GIF or MP4 format.

    Animations saved as GIF or MP4 format will work if you upload them onto social media.

  4. Download File

    After you are done with your design, it’s time to download your file. You may download your files as different file types.

    For website banners and social media graphics, download PNG file.

    If you need a certain image to be small size, easy to manage, eg. product images for your Ecommerce website, then download them as JPEG.

    If you need to print your file, download as PDF.

    If you need your animations to work, download as GIF or MP4.

  5. Many uses of Canva

    Canva is a wonderful tool that all small business owners must learn to use. Use it to:

    – Design website banners fast

    – Communicate your message using graphics or animations on social media

    – Design simple prints, like store notice or promo pamphets.

    – Design your own in store voucher

    – Design standee for print YES even this! Simply set the size to the size of your standee in mm.

    – Remove background for your images.

If you have any questions about Canva, feel free to comment below and we will try to respond to you within 24 hrs! Enjoy using Canva! 🙂

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