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Lazada Seller’s Guide for 11.11.2019

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Lazada Singapore’s Chief Retail Officer walked us through preparations for its great 11.11 Sale at the Lazada Seller Conference on 27 Sep 2019, at Mandarin Orchard Hotel.

Important Dates to note:

Pre-Teasing: 25 – 31 Oct
Teasing: 1 – 10 Nov
Mega Day: 11 Nov

The Chief Retail Officer shared some of the marketing investments Lazada will be making –

What should Lazada Sellers do to get the most out of 11.11?

  1. Submit Seller Picks
  2. Make use of Search Vouchers (Lazmall only)
  3. Search Filters

Submit Seller Picks

Each store will be give some Seller Picks (Under the Promotion Tab). These are FREE MARKETING for us. Products we select for Seller Picks will show up at the bottom of Search Pages. They have higher visibility. So, if you are given a certain quota for Seller Picks, be it 1 product, 3 product or 6 products, use these quota, and make sure you reactivate them when they expire (every 14 days).

Make use of Search Vouchers (Lazmall only)

When a Lazmall store creates vouchers, these vouchers show up at the Vouchers Tab at the marketplace. Some consumers like to enter the link to search for vouchers. So, you may increase visibility for your store if you can create vouchers.

Search Filters

Start working on filling in Products Attributes in your products uploading page. Many of these fields are not compulsory, but filling them in definitely can help you appear more in Search.

Promotion Tools we can use for 11.11

Campaign Vouchers – ROI of 19x for every $1 invested in vouchers

Campaign Flash Sales – 46x uplift in sales compared to daily Flash Sales

Pre-Sale – 98% of the users who paid deposit completed the purchase on D-day

Free Shipping – Products with free shipping contribute 5% of total sales on campaign day

Use Seller Tools to Increase Average Order Value Per Customer

Flexi Combo – Products in Flexi Combo saw a 10x uplift in sales during campaign period compared to products not part of Flexi Combo

PDP Banner – Add a PDP Banner to direct product traffic into your store campaign page

Store Campaign Page – Sellers with decorated store pages saw a 20% increase in pageviews

Chat – Stores that attain 90% Chat response rate saw a 7x increase in sales

Save the dates:

If you are using Google Calendar, simply click on any date to add that event to your own Google Calendar.

1 Oct – Start of 11.11 & 12.12 Deal Submission

7 Oct – Start of Flash Sale Deal Submission, start of Slash It Deal Submission

14 Oct – Pre-Sale Submission

21 Oct – Submit vouchers, start decorating your Store Campaign Page, start decorating your PDP Banner

31 Oct – Price Locking: No more changes to price

9 Nov – Product Locking; No more changes to product content

11 Nov – Campaign Day!

All the best, sellers! 🙂


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Lazada Seller’s Guide for 11.11.2019

Lazada Singapore’s Chief Retail Officer walked us through preparations for its great 11.11 Sale at the Lazada Seller Conference on 27 Sep 2019, at Mandarin



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